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Make Actual Time / Estimated Time in Tasks Mandatory?
Hi, This might be a dumb question, but how do I make the "Actual" and "Estimated Time" fields for ...
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Incident - How Many Times In A Status
All My report writing skills within SpiraTest are sadly not the strongest. If I had DB access ...
Incident Status C#
Hello, I am currently developing a tool which connects to SPIRA. I would like to know how c...
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Task Status
Is there a way to create a new status and use it within the workflow of a task? ...
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Execution Status Definitions
What are the the following status indicators commonly used for? Caution Blocked ...
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How to retrieve all the Incidents specific to a Status by using API
Hi, Can anyone help me with the endpoint details to retrieve all the Incidents with any specific In...
'Developed' Requirement status not available with outstanding 'Testing' tasks
I have created a number of requirements for a project in v5.4 and I would like to use the complete ...
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Unable to change Incident status from Assign to any other statues
Hi Team.. I am using demo version. I changed incident status from New to Assign, and then I am not ...
New Execution Status for Test cases
Hi, I could see the test run has "Pass", "Pass All", "Blcoked", "Caution","Fail" Options shown on t...
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How to filter out execution status with "not equal to"
Hi, Under artifacts Test Cases, I want to filter out the test cases with status not equal to Passe...
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Automatic change in TestCase Status after modifying a TestCase
Hi guys, Ive been looking everywhere and testing a bit myself but cant seem to finde the soluti...
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Custom requirement's statuses, board order and custom link types
Hello, I am sure that different companies have different processes , so statuses of requirements ...