Recording of Custom Report Webinar using SpiraTeam

September 22nd, 2017 by inflectra

One of the nice features in SpiraTeam is the ability to do custom reporting, so that you are not limited to just the reports that ship with the system. Due to popular demand, we recently had a webinar explaining how to use these powerful custom reporting features in your projects. Don't worry if you missed the webinar, we have a recording available as well as a copy of the presentation.

The webinar covered the following topics:

  • Introduction

  • Custom Reporting Overview

  • Editing the Standard Sections

    • Changing the Styling

    • Changing the XSLT Template

  • Writing a Custom Section

    • Using the Entity SQL Language

    • Customizing the XSLT Template


In addition to the presentation, there was a live practical demonstration of using SpiraTeam to create the custom reports:

For more information, we have these additional resources for learning about writing custom reports:

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