Partnership Opportunities for Resellers and Affiliates| Inflectra

Inflectra Partnership Opportunities

Key to our strategy of making high quality yet affordable software products available to companies of varying sizes and functions is developing a rich and robust ecosystem of affiliates, certified solution providers and hosting partners.

We are actively looking for organizations that share our passion for customer satisfaction and commitment to excellence to join our worldwide network of partners. If you would like to be part of the Inflectra ecosystem, please take a look at our list of partnership opportunities.

  • Option A: Sales Affiliate

    Entry-level program that follows a simple sales for commission model. Targeted towards web affiliates that focus on directing web traffic and sales leads for revenue sharing.

  • Option B: Certified Solution Provider

    Intermediate program, that includes cross-marketing of Inflectra software products and partners' software and/or professional service offerings. Our software is typically bundled with professional services or complimentary software.

  • Option C: Full-Service Hosting Partner

    Exclusive partnership program where partner hosts instances of Inflectra software products for customers to access on a subscription basis and provides local training and support.

Each of these exclusive partnership programs is described in more detail below.
If you would like to learn more, please contact our sales team.

A - Sales Affiliate

Designed for the owners of web sites that specialize in the areas of quality assurance, requirements management and project management, this program allows you to convert inbound leads for our products and services into risk-free revenue.

Key Features

  • Sales affiliate directs inbound leads to Inflectra website
  • Commission paid to affiliate based on % of revenue from sales that are have been directed
  • Technical support provided to customer by Inflectra (all-tiers)

Licensing Model

  • Software is purchased directly by customer from Inflectra website using customized URLs that include affiliate's ID
  • Software is licensed directly to customer during purchase


  • Does not require affiliate to provide technical support
  • Low startup costs and immediate revenue opportunities

B - Solution Provider

You want to grow your business. The Inflectra Certified Solution Provider program is for you! This program offers our partners a global, flexible platform to support the growth of their business by providing industry-leading quality assurance and application lifecycle management solutions and services to their customers.

Key Features

  • Cross-marketing arrangement where partner bundles Inflectra products in conjunction with professional services, hardware and other software products.
  • Inflectra able to market partner as provider of professional services and complimentary products.
  • Depending on level of bundling, partner or Inflectra may provide 1st tier technical support; Inflectra will provide 2nd and 3rd tier.

Licensing Model

  • Software is either purchased on behalf of customer by partner (with % revenue sharing) or bundled as single solution to customer (product and associated professional services).
  • Software is licensed to end customer in either case


  • Provides integrated capability to customer.
  • Markets partners service offerings to existing customer base

C - Full-Service Hosting

Designed for organizations and enterprises that have the infrastructure and capability to deliver On-Demand Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to customers in specific geographies and locales. Leverage your existing infrastructure with an additional revenue stream by offering Inflectra's web-based solutions as a hosted subscription services to customers.

Key Features

  • Partner hosts instance(s) of Inflectra products in a data-center that can be accessed by customers on a subscription basis.
  • Does not require the customer to self-host the application, expanding the customer base available.
  • 1st tier support provided by partner; 2nd and 3rd tier by Inflectra.

Licensing Model

  • Software is purchased by partner and licensed to partner on a subscription basis. Partner provides software to end-customer on subscription basis.


  • Strongly differentiates partner’s offering to customer vs. directly buying the software from Inflectra
  • Larger revenue opportunities than the other programs. Partner becomes exclusive hosted provider for specific region(s) and/or industries.