Inflectra Partnership Opportunities

At Inflectra, we recognize that our success is intertwined with the success of companies that make up the diverse and growing Inflectra partner ecosystem. Our commitment to supporting our partners is manifested through our partnership structure that is built on the premise of mutual success, collaboration and respect.

We are actively looking for organizations that share our passion for customer satisfaction and commitment to excellence to join our worldwide network of partners. If you would like to be part of the Inflectra ecosystem, please take a look at our list of partnership opportunities.

Overview of the Partner Program

Technology Partners

Technology Partners work collaboratively with Inflectra to integrate and deliver joint solutions to shared customers. These partners optimize Inflectra solutions with plug-ins, adapters, connectors, and technical services.

Technology Partner Benefits:

Technology Partner Benefit Table

Solution Partners

These partners are Inflectra affiliates, resellers, advisors, consultants, and trainers who provide and implement customer solutions with Inflectra products. Anyone can participate in Inflectra’s new partner program as a Solutions Partner. Solution Partners can choose their level of engagement at which they wish to participate. This participation offers many benefits that are described below:

Solution Partner Benefits:

Solution Partner Benefit Table

We have found that our best partnerships are built on strong relationships with frequent engagement. To encourage and support this engagement, we have developed metrics for success in four key areas:

  • Engagement
  • Marketing
  • Continuing Education
  • Sales

Within each of these areas are activities meant to facilitate a strong foundational relationship between our teams and companies. Each activity has a suggested number of points. Points are accumulated throughout the year toward the targets for your partner level. Points are self-recorded in the Partner Portal.

Solution Activity Points Table

Solution Partners Qualifications:

Solution Partner Qualifications Table

Other Features

In addition to the new Partner Program structure, Inflectra offers tools that cater to each individual partner, provide easily accessible information and resources, and produce an overall seamless experience.

Partner Badges

Inflectra offers its partners a system of Badges to reward the accomplishments and recognize areas of expertise of each partner. This system will also allow Inflectra's customers to find the most appropriate partner by searching the website for partners with badges that best suit customers’ needs. Some of our badges include:

  • Spira Academy-certified Partner
  • Rapise Academy-certified Partner
  • Inflectra-certified Training Partner
  • Enterprise-certified Partner
  • Industry and geography-specific Partner

Partner Program Badges

Partner Portal

Inflectra maintains a robust partner communication, deal management and technical support system through its Partner Portal. Through the Partner Portal, partners can log activities and leads, complete onboarding processes, find educational and sales enablement resources, and consolidate and organize information.

Partner Brochure

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