Spira v5.0 Now Available

31-May-2016 by Inflectra Product News

We are pleased to announce the release of SpiraTest, SpiraPlan and SpiraTeam, the latest version of our award-winning requirements management, test management and agile project-planning ALM suite. The new version features a completely redesigned interface that allows the whole application to be used seamlessly on all mobile and desktop devices, a new test execution wizard as well as support for test case/release workflows and digital signatures.

New Features

The following new features have been added in this release:

  • Approval status for test cases- [RQ:914]
  • Tab that displays linked test sets- [RQ:1328]
  • Historical Test Run Report- [RQ:645]
  • Manipulate Components through the API- [RQ:1855]
  • Workflow for test cases- [RQ:1699]
  • Support for electronic signatures on specific workflow transitions- [RQ:1792]
  • Components can include test cases- [RQ:1793]
  • Workflow for releases- [RQ:1794]
  • Ability to scale fields and display custom properties on test execution wizard- [RQ:1797]
  • Ability to have Document custom properties- [RQ:1798]
  • Ability to track Documents history- [RQ:1807]
  • Add CORS support to the v5.0 REST API- [RQ:1821]
  • Releases can be categorized into different types- [RQ:1824]
  • Releases can have different statuses- [RQ:1825]
  • Screenshot annotation capture tools- [RQ:1830]
  • All pages are fully responsive to different devices (desktop, mobile, etc.) - [RQ:1832]
  • Releases can have execution status / task progress roll-up multiple levels- [RQ:1839]
  • Encrypt password and other secure global settings- [RQ:1851]
  • Can set test case parameter values at the test set level- [RQ:1854]

More Information

The full release notes and product documentation are available online:

How do I upgrade to Spira 5.0?

If you are a self-hosted customer, then you can go ahead and download/install v5.0 from the secure https://www.inflectra.com/CustomerArea/ https://www.inflectra.com/CustomerArea/ of our website (please read the Administration / Installation Guide first).

If you are hosted by Inflectra then we shall be upgrading your cloud instance to v5.0 during a weekend maintenance window. You will receive a separate email from our support team scheduling your upgrade.