Inflectra Awards Graduation Diplomas to Tech Students in Argentina

18-Nov-2019 by Inflectra Press Release

Washington DC, November 17, 2019 - Inflectra, a US-based software company will award diplomas in software testing to 150 low-income graduates of a coding program administered by the Buenos Aires City Government - in a formal ceremony on November 20 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In 2018, the Buenos Aires City Government (GCBA) and Codo a Codo partnered with Inflectra in a formal training program that teaches the fundamentals of software testing to high-school students from city's disadvantaged neighborhoods. The program is using two of Inflectra’s flagship software testing platforms - SpiraTest and Rapise to teach the program participants about the industry's best practices in agile software testing and test automation, respectively. 


On November 20, 2019, the 150-strong cohort of 20-30 years old graduates of Codo a Codo will be awarded their graduation certificates at the Government House of the City of Buenos Aires. After graduation, the majority of program graduates will discontinue their formal education in order to secure employment, thus making Inflectra’s partnership with Codo a Codo a key to program participants’ success on the job market. 


"It has been an honor to support the students of Codo a Codo with Inflectra's software technology. We hope to have played a role in unlocking new and exciting job opportunities for these young people as they make a key transition into adulthood and into the world of tech. We wish them success! On our part, team Inflectra will continue to support Codo a Codo in their work." said Adam Sandman, Technical Director of Inflectra. 


Inflectra has traditionally supported educational institutions as part of its core value of inclusivity and expansion of employment opportunities. In line with the company's philosophy of fostering Harmony, Inflectra is promoting the idea of “second acts” i.e. helping people on the periphery of the labor market to find great jobs in tech. This has been achieved through adult internship programs, the transfer of tech know-how to universities worldwide, and by unleashing the potential of underemployed talent (stay-home parents, caretakers, recent immigrants, etc). 


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