Protech Automated Their Dynamics 365 Regression Testing using Rapise and SpiraTest from Inflectra

10-Nov-2020 by Inflectra Company News

Protech was looking to automate much of their regression testing and integrate these tests with a test management system. The company needed a solution that would quickly and simultaneously test updates to its multitude of systems to ensure smooth functionality while managing requirements, test cases and defects. Manual testing lacked efficiency and was impractical for anything more than critical systems testing. Rapise and SpiraTest allow the Protech team to automate regression testing and improve QA.

Protech Case Study

In our newly published case study on Protech, learn how Protech replaced their manual testing with automated testing and managed those tests with seamless test management integration:

Some of the business benefits realized by Protech include:

  • Improved documentation structure of requirements, test cases and test scripts
  • Reallocation of resources dedicated to manual testing
  • Increased QA across all environments, not just critical components
  • Dramatically improved rate of regression testing across environments
  • Integrated automated testing with test management

According to Mike Becker & the QA Team

“We did a lot of research prior to deciding on a vendor for
Regression testing software. For us, the combination of Spira
and Rapise offers the best balance of Cost vs. Functionality/
features, and customer service. It’s rare to find a company
that can do all of these very well.”