GSDC and Inflectra Sign Partnership Agreement on Training And Certification

23-Aug-2021 by Inflectra Company News

Inflectra is proud to announce its partnership with the Global Skill Development Council (GSDC) - an international credentialing and certification organization. With this partnership, Inflectra becomes an authorized training organization and will augment the GSDC's portfolio of training offerings.

As a leading provider of application lifecycle management (ALM) software for managing and delivering framework-agnostic projects through its Spira family of products, Inflectra's training curriculum is closely aligned with the priorities of both - GSDC and the learning communities across the globe. Inflectra's plans for this partnership are wide-ranging and come on the heels of the company's recently-launched formal training and certification program called Spira Academy. 

With GSDC, Inflectra envisions expanding its training initiatives to encompass not only working professionals but also graduates in engineering, software development, project management, business analysis, and information technology areas.

"Through this partnership, Inflectra will receive validation and further accreditation for our training and certification courses while offering our students additional certification from GSDC's vast portfolio of trainings. Additionally, Inflectra's training program will align its upcoming training curriculum with the learning outcomes of respective GSDC courses. This would allow our graduates an opportunity to earn a double Inflectra-GSDC certification." said Adam Sandman, the CEO of Inflectra.  

At the helm of Inflectra's training initiatives is the scholar-practitioner and Inflectra’s Enterprise Agile Evangelist, Dr. Sriram Rajagopalan. Dr. Rajagopalan is recognized globally for his work in this space, as well as for applying his extensive skill set in agile transformation in real life settings. Furthermore, GSDC has recently appointed Dr. Rajagopalan as its advisory board member. We congratulate Dr. Rajagopalan on this appointment. 


About Global Skill Development Council (GSDC)

The Global Skill Development Council (GSDC) is an independent, vendor-neutral, international credentialing and certification organization for emerging technologies like Blockchain, Six Sigma, DevOps, Cloud, AI-ML, ISO, Agile, and L&D professionals. GSDC courses are developed by world-renowned thought leaders and advisory board members who are subject matter experts across many specializations.


About Inflectra

Founded in 2006, Inflectra is a market leader in software test management, test automation, application lifecycle management, and enterprise portfolio management space with its SpiraPlan, Rapise, and Kronodesk platforms. The company is headquartered in the USA but has offices in over 10 countries. Known globally for its legendary customer support, Inflectra makes turn-key solutions that address many challenges in software testing and QA, test automation, and product lifecycle management. Its methodology agnostic software tools are used in regulated industries where portfolio management, requirements traceability, release planning, resource management, document workflow, baselining, and enterprise risk analysis are required. The company uses a concurrent pricing model for all its tools with unlimited products, projects, sprints, tests, API calls, included in a single price. All Inflectra products have a 30-day free trial.