Inflectra Platform Chosen to Teach Testing Best Practices in Argentina

28-Aug-2018 by Inflectra Company News

Inflectra is giving support to the City of Buenos Aires - Education Ministry - in helping it stand up the first official Software Testing course with formal certification in Argentina. With this program, Inflectra is looking to help nurture the next generation of software testers, engineers, and quality assurance professionals.


One in three IT professionals are dedicated to the testing of software applications. This is not only because it is necessary to verify that the applications work correctly, but also because they need to work together with other systems. In the IT industry today, the challenge is system integration, and performing end to end scenario testing that makes sure that the entire solution works together as expected. It is only possible after such arduous testing - that requires not only the correct operation of the system, but also that it has adequate performance - that the IT solution can be put into production.

It was identified that there is a deficiency in this specialty in the classroom, and in Argentina specifically, there are no official certifications and regular training courses, or if there are, they are very expensive and require certifications to be done overseas.

First Official Testing Course

Inflectra's Argentina office saw the need and we have volunteered to assist the City of Buenos Aires Ministry of Education by sponsoring an initiative to bring modern software testing (and project management) best practices into the classroom for the first time. The curriculum will include such important topics as: What is Software Quality and Application Testing, the role of the Tester in the production of Software Applications, Types of Testing, Test Plan, Test Cases and their Execution, Defects, their classification, Acceptance criteria, Exit and End Criteria, and Metrics and estimates", how the testing is measured, its effectiveness, and its density.


All these topics will taught using our SpiraTeam, test management and ALM solution so that the students will end up with not only theoretical but practical knowledge of software testing and management. The course will introduce them to several different technologies, using professional tools which they will find themselves using in their professional life as Testers. Subsequent modules in the curriculum will include the topic of test automation, covering both functional testing and load testing. For these parts of the course, we are providing Rapise and our partner Neotys is providing Neoload that will be used for the practical learning of how to perform test automation in the real world.

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