Inflectra Expands its Footprint in Australia

15-Sep-2017 by Inflectra Company News

Silver Spring, MD, September 15, 2017 – Inflectra is pleased to announce the creation of Inflectra’s first overseas sales office in Australia. By increasing its footprint on the continent, Inflectra Australia is ultimately an effort to provide faster, better and more context-specific services to its Australia-based users. This expansion comes as a culmination of years’ long partnership with Influence IT - a consulting firm based in Brisbane, Australia.

Inflectra views the move as a blueprint for future expansion in other parts of world, where it has vibrant partner networks and a large customer-base. 


About Inflectra

Inflectra is dedicated to helping our customers effectively and affordably manage their software development lifecycle. We are proud to be able to help software teams decrease their time to market and increase the return on investment.

Our strong focus on providing an excellent customer experience helps us attract and retain customers of all sizes, across a broad range of markets and industries—from large corporations to small businesses, government agencies to individual developers, and professional services firms.

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