Inflectra Joins GitLab Inc.’s Alliance Partner Program

9-Nov-2022 by Inflectra Press Release

November 3, 2022 Washington, D.C.: Inflectra, a market leader in IT Software Lifecycle Management solutions, today announced it has joined GitLab Inc.’s Alliance Partner Program. This strategic relationship allows customers to integrate SpiraPlan, Inflectra’s flagship enterprise-level risk and project portfolio management platform, and GitLab, The One DevOps Platform, creating harmony across their clients’ software teams and ecosystems. Joint customers have access to an integrated solution that covers their entire software lifecycle needs, allowing teams to focus on business critical tasks. 

Inflectra provides multiple levels of integration with GitLab, mainly driven by customer requests, including integration with the code repositories, issue trackers and now most recently the CI/CD pipelines. “Prior to the integration, many of Inflectra’s customers were using GitLab for CI/CD,” says Adam Sandman, CEO & Founder of Inflectra. “It became evident that a collaboration between Inflectra and GitLab would greatly aid customers by enabling them to launch and manage CI/CD pipelines straight from Spira."

“Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) is important to successful DevOps practices, and teams aiming to achieve modern software development must keep up with CI/CD innovation,” said Mike LeBeau, Senior Partner Program Manager at GitLab. “We’re pleased to meet customers where they are and offer joint customers the ability to use GitLab CI directly through Inflectra.”

Inflectra has built 3 main points of integration. First, there is an integration with GitLab CI pipelines, which allow users to execute a GitLab CI pipeline directly from the Spira user interface. Second, Spira includes a powerful integration with Git code repositories, including the code repositories hosted in GitLab. Finally, customers have the ability to synchronize the Spira incident tracker with the issue tracking module of GitLab projects. 

All three parts of the integration create a seamless and synchronized experience for joint customers who need both SpiraPlan’s world-class test management, portfolio management, and requirements traceability features as well as GitLab’s cloud-agnostic, end-to-end DevOps capabilities. 


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Inflectra offers intuitive, turnkey enterprise solutions to manage the entire software lifecycle. Its industry-leading products for application test management, test automation, and lifecycle management help customers streamline their operations, allowing developers, testers, and managers to allocate their time and resources to business-critical assignments. Our most popular products are SpiraPlan, which enables you to synchronize what matters with agile program development, and Rapise, providing fast and easy test automation for everything—web, mobile, desktop, and APIs. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in the United States, Inflectra now has offices in more than ten countries and a global partner network that covers over 5,000 customers worldwide.


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