Inflectra Launches Plug-ins for and ClickUp, Enabling Seamless Collaboration Among Teams

14-Dec-2022 by Inflectra Press Release

Washington, D.C. | December 13, 2022 10:34 AM (EST): Inflectra, a leading IT Software Lifecycle Management Solutions provider, announced the launch of new plug-ins for popular project management apps, and ClickUp. These plug-ins enable the users of Inflectra’s Enterprise Agile Planning system, SpiraPlan, to collaborate more efficiently with other functional teams inside an enterprise.

Out of the box, SpiraPlan excels in streamlining software development, product design, business analytics, programs, risks, and quality assurance activities. The platform serves as an umbrella for orchestrating the product lifecycle management process, including integrations with other tools that may be better optimized for routine task management.

The newly released plug-ins allow companies to integrate their otherwise siloed project management apps with SpiraPlan, thus removing impediments to team collaboration and boosting management’s ability to monitor the overall project progress. Additionally, since the plug-ins work on a per-project basis, SpiraPlan customers can have each team use the plug-ins to connect individual or Click Up instances to their central SpiraPlan platform. As a result, each team can work with its favorite tool, while leadership will enjoy a single, consolidated executive view of the progress and health of the teams.

We understand that larger organizations have multiple task management tools in different departments and need a better way for those teams to collaborate and communicate,” said Inflectra CEO Adam Sandman. “For customers looking to scale their agile processes with SpiraPlan, but who already have teams using other task-tracking products, these plug-ins help avoid the change management overhead of switching all teams to a single product. No other tool offers the rich, seamless synchronization of data that SpiraPlan and its data synchronization framework provides.”

Key features of the plug-in include:

  • Bidirectional synchronization of tasks and issues between SpiraPlan, ClickUp, and

  • Multi-project and multi-tool synchronization

  • Consolidated program, portfolio, and enterprise views

The plug-ins are free with SpiraPlan, and no additional costs are incurred with implementation.

“By implementing the new plug-ins, current and future Inflectra customers can harmonize the management of work across their departments so that product development, sales, marketing, and other teams can more effectively collaborate and communicate. This reduces friction, avoids duplication of effort, and gives executives and managers a real-time picture of the progress across their departments—all in one place,” said Inflectra CMO Thea Maisuradze.

Existing SpiraPlan customers can access the plug-ins by simply enabling them on their Inflectra SpiraPlan data-synchronization admin dashboard. For more information, visit: 


Inflectra offers a suite of intuitive, turnkey enterprise solutions to manage the entire software lifecycle. Its industry-leading products for application test management, test automation, and lifecycle management help customers streamline their operations, allowing developers, testers, and managers to allocate their time and resources to business-critical assignments. Among our most popular products are SpiraPlan, giving you the ability to synchronize what matters with agile program development; and Rapise, providing fast and easy test automation for everything—web, mobile, desktop, and APIs. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in the United States, Inflectra now has offices in more than ten countries, along with a global partner network that covers more than 5,000 customers worldwide. Learn more at


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