Inflectra Sales Offices Open in Israel and Brazil

11-Oct-2017 by Inflectra Company News

Silver Spring, MD, USA, October 11, 2017 – Inflectra is pleased to announce the creation of two more overseas sales offices -  in Israel and Brazil. 

Inflectra Israel and Inflectra Brazil will create value for a growing number of our customers in the Middle East and south America. The move is an integral part of inflectra's  effort to provide faster, better and more context-specific services to its users in these geographies.


The decision comes after a long and productive collaboration with Inflectra's partners: Engineering Software Lab in Israel and OAT Solutions in Brazil.

These two new sales office bring the number of Inflectra's oversea's offices to three.

The first overseas sales office - Inflectra Australia - opened in September 2017 to cover Inflectra's sales and support needs in the Asia Pacific. Inflectra's long standing partner - Influence IT - a consulting firm based in Brisbane, Australia is leading Inflectra's efforts there. 


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