Inflectra SpiraTeam Chosen to Power YouBlob Community of Hobby Engineers

8-Apr-2013 by Inflectra Press Release

SpiraTeam has been chosen by YouBlob to power its new online community of hobby engineers, making requirements and project management easier for the globally distributed community. wants to provide the best solutions, and have therefore chosen Inflectra.

Giving our users the opportunity to become their own Project Managers is a major important step in the right direction!
In development environments, having control and complete overview is an essential attribute to see projects come to life.

Through Inflectra's feature packed solutions, we are not only allowing our users to become their own boss.
But giving them the ability to create and combine a vast library of resources, subjects and people into the same solution, that integrates seamlessly.

 Whether it be code development, school work, prototype building, or combining subjects as biology, chemistry, electronics, mathematics and robotics into one project.

Roar Holte