Inflectra Webinar on using SpiraTest with Neotys NeoLoad for Load Testing

15-Jul-2015 by Inflectra Product News

Are you a user of SpiraTest or SpiraTeam? Do you need to be able to perform load/performance testing? Spira can integrate with NeoLoad from our partner Neotys. This webinar walks you through the steps to setup the integration and allows attendees to ask questions.

To sign up for the webinar, please fill our the following contact form:

and we shall add you to the webinar invitation list.

The webinar will cover the following topics:

  1. Installing RemoteLaunch onto the NeoLoad controller
  2. Installing and configuring the NeoLoad plugin for RemoteLaunch
  3. Configuring SpiraTest with the automation host, engine and test cases
  4. Writing a simple NeoLoad performance test
  5. Mapping the SpiraTest test case to NeoLoad
  6. Scheduling the automated test set
  7. Running the NeoLoad test from SpiraTest and RemoteLaunch
  8. The different reporting available with the integration