Migration Tool for IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM) Now Available

14-Feb-2022 by Inflectra Product News

Several of our customers have been looking to migrate from some older, legacy test management systems such as IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM) that have seen a decline in active development. Thanks to the wonders of APIs, we have just released a new test management migration tool that makes it easy to migrate from RQM to SpiraTest, our award-winning test management system.


IBM® Rational® Quality Manager (RQM) was a collaborative, web-based tool that offered test planning, test construction, and test artifact management features. RQM was developed as part of the IBM Jazz® platform, a web based set of ALM tools. In recent years, RQM has been rebranded as IBM Engineering Test Management and we have had many requests from current customers for an easier way to migrate their projects to a newer platform such as Spira.

We have therefore released a new self-service migration tool for Spira that makes it easier than ever to migrate your test assets from RQM to Spira.

How do I get the Migration Tool?

You can download the new RQM migration wizard from the SpiraTest Add-Ons and Downloads section:

RQM migration tool on Inflectra website

Once you have downloaded and installed the tool, you are all ready to start your migration.

How Does the Migration Work?

The migration tool is a simple wizard that connects to RQM via its REST API and downloads all the test plans, test cases, test suites, test scripts and test executions. It then connects to Spira using its SOAP API and imports the corresponding data seamlessly and effortlessly into Spira.

The migration tool will import the following artifacts from RQM:

  • The project name and description
  • Test plans -> test case folders
  • Test scripts -> template test cases with steps
  • Test cases -> test cases with linked test steps to the the template test cases
  • Test suites -> test sets, linked to test cases
  • Test executions -> test runs linked to test cases

What Does the Migrated Data Look Like?

The test plans and associated test cases from RQM will migrate into Spira test case folders and test cases:

Test plans and test cases migrated to test folders and test cases

The test scripts and associated manual test steps from RQM will migrate into Spira template test cases and test steps:

Migrated RQM test scripts with test steps

In RQM, the test cases don't contain test steps themselves. Instead, the test case contain references to the test scripts, which contain the test steps.

Therefore when we migrate over the test cases from RQM to Spira, we create linked test cases from the test plan test cases to the test script test cases to maintain these relationships:

Migrated RQM test cases with linked test script test cases

The test executions from RQM are migrated over into Spira and test runs and test run steps:

Migrated RQM test executions as Spira test runs

How Much Does the Migration Tool Cost?

In line with our company philosophy of Harmony, of course there is no charge for this migration tool. It's completely free and comes with our legendary technical support and assistance.