New Cross-Platform Microsoft Word Import Tool Available

22-Aug-2022 by Inflectra Product News

Data migration is a pain, we all know that. However when you want to migrate from an antiquated paper-based approach to using a modern requirements and test management system like SpiraTest or ALM platform such as SpiraTeam, you have no choice, but to migrate over some of your old data. Until now, we only had a Microsoft Word import tool that ran on the Windows version of MS-Word. The big news is that we have a new importer that will work on any version of Microsoft Word 2019 or newer (Mac, PC, Linux, mobile) including the web Word365 version as well.



This add-in lets you import a list of requirements or test cases (with folders and test steps) into any product in your SpiraTest, SpiraTeam, or SpiraPlan application. It lets you specify how your document is organized using its styles and headings so the data added to SpiraPlan will be hierarchically structured in the same way. It supports importing rich text, tables, lists, and images.

This add-in requires:

  • a support version of Microsoft Word

    • Word 2019+ (Windows and Mac OS)
    • Word with Office 365 (Windows and Mac OS)
    • Word in the cloud (via a web browser)
    • Word on iPad
  • SpiraTest®, SpiraTeam®, or SpiraPlan® application (called SpiraPlan from here on) version

 Importing requirements and test cases settings

Where Do I Get The New Import Tool?

To install the add-in:

  • Go to the Insert tab in Word
  • Click on "Get Add-ins" and in the window that opens, navigate to the store tab
  • Search for "Spira" or "SpiraPlan"
  • When you see the correct add-in developed by Inflectra, click on its "Add" button
  • You should now see the SpiraPlan icon labeled "SpiraPlan Document Importer" in your home tab. Click on it to begin.

Alternatively, there is a direct hyperlink from the Add-Ons section of our website.

How Can I Get Additional Documentation?

For additional information, please take a look at the MS-Word Importer Documentation on our central SpiraDoc website.