Rapise 5.5 Released - Provides Enhancements for RVL and Dynamics Testing

2-Jan-2018 by Inflectra Company News

Inflectra® is pleased to announce the release of Rapise 5.5, the latest version of its Rapise test automation platform. Rapise is the most comprehensive and powerful automated testing solution on the market. With its latest version, Rapise provides many fixes and enhancements that makes testing web and desktop application easier, as well as UI enhancements when switching between JavaScript and the RVL scriptless framework.

Enhancement & Resolved Issues

The following issues and enhancements have been addressed in this release:

  • Code Editor enhancements
  • In Rapise UI in test Settings, auto scrolling issue
  • Complete UI Automation support
  • Implement DynamicsAXTable.DoScroll
  • Copy selection as JavaScript does not work for reverse selection
  • Exclude /Report/ subfolder from upload to Spira
  • Append output log to Test Run results when executed via RapiseLauncher
  • RVL does not stop on error if there is a problem attaching to Map.Range
  • RapiseLauncher turns into a pumpkin after the first connection break
  • File not saved on disk after UNDO
  • Issues with 1st row in RVL
  • PlaySelection does not work if it contains RVL.DoPlaySheet
  • Library Chooser: Libs get accidentally checked while scrolling after Shift+Record
  • UIAutomationComboBoxBehavior_DoSelectItem always returns false
  • Entering Loop in RVL editor vanishes next row
  • Navigator.Close does not work in FF2 library

About Rapise

Whether it's the web, mobile, desktop applications, APIs (REST and SOAP) Rapise helps you test it all. Rapise doesn't just test, it understands. It knows about a wealth of complex applications including, for example, Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce.com. And it will help you manage tests spanning multiple technologies at once.

About Inflectra 

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