Rapise v6.4 Released - Enhancements to WebAppProfile, Dynamics 365 and SAP UI5

18-May-2020 by Inflectra Product News

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of our award winning automated software testing solution - Rapise. The new version (6.4) provides many enhancements, quality of life improvements, bug fixes and time saving usability improvements. It includes enhancements specifically to the Web Application Profile feature and many of the libraries used to test complex applications such as SAP Hana and Microsoft Dynamics 365.


Web App Profile Enhancements

  • Anchors pointing to specific elements [IN:5516]
  • Add configuration for clickable elements [IN:5522]
  • Add support for Text [IN:5569]
  • Add support for Handlers [IN:5570]

Rapise Visual Language (RVL) Improvements

  • From,To params in Map Range made optional [IN:4701]
  • Drag & Drop of *.rvl.xlsx into JS and RVL now generates DoPlayScript [IN:4757]
  • RVL to suggest getter/setter optional parameters [IN:5342]
  • RVL Assert == should output compared values to the report [IN:5372]
  • Copy-Paste of a Map should not truncate columns after H [IN:5401]
  • Do not wipe parameters if underscore added to action name in RVL (_Do) [IN:5406]
  • RVL.DoPlayTest should suggest available sub-tests for pathToTest parameter [IN:5414]
  • RVL quick access toolbar items changed [IN:5437]
  • Recorder adds new line to Test function (RVL mode) [IN:5438]
  • Insert lines in RVL should insert between lines [IN:5503]
  • _Do actions in RVL should automatically use params from Do actions [IN:5509]
  • Always add rows when doing Paste in RVL [IN:5529]
  • RVL Shift+Enter should insert a line after [IN:5532]
  • RVL Editor: automatically add defaultValue when variable type is selected as Global [IN:5533]
  • Support boolean values in RVL map [IN:4646]

The full list of release notes are available on our website as well.

See the New Features in Action

The following video shows the new Rapise v6.4 in action:

How Do I Get the New Version?

You can get the latest version right away by going to the secure Customer Area of our website.

If you have any questions about the new version, please contact support@inflectra.com.

About Rapise

Whether it’s the web, mobile, desktop applications, APIs (REST and SOAP) Rapise helps you test it all. Rapise doesn’t just test, it understands. It knows about a wealth of complex applications including, for example, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, and SAP. And it will help you manage tests spanning multiple technologies at once. Rapise makes automated testing accessible for everyone. Using Rapise, anyone can create and change tests. Rapise records your actions, then lets you edit them in its easy-to-use visual keyword driven framework called RVL. Want to get into the code? Then dig in to our JavaScript-based engine that’s a breeze to extend and integrates with open source standards such as Selenium and Appium.