Rational ClearQuest Plugin Released for SpiraTeam

13-Sep-2011 by Inflectra Product News

We have just released a free plugin for IBM Rational ClearQuest. This allows SpiraTest, SpiraPlan or SpiraTeam to synchronize logged defects with ClearQuest. Now you can connect our award winning ALM suite to your legacy defect repository and have all your information in one place.

The plugin for ClearQuest uses the built-in data synchronization capability of SpiraTeam to allow incidents logged in SpiraTeam to be added as new defects in ClearQuest and vice-versa. In addition, any changes made to a previously-synchronized defect in ClearQuest will be updated accordingly in SpiraTeam.

Rational ClearQuest is an enterprise level workflow automation tool from the Rational Software division of IBM. Commonly, ClearQuest is configured as a bug tracking system, but it can be configured to act as a CRM tool or to track a complex manufacturing process. It can also implement these functions together. IBM provides a number of predefined "schemas" for common tasks such as software Defect Tracking which can themselves be further customized if required.

SpiraTest® is a powerful Requirements and Test Management solution that manages a software project’s requirements, scope, use-cases, tests, releases and bugs and issues in one environment, with complete requirements traceability throughout. Customers can track every bug or issue back to the test case and test step that being executed, and from there back to the underlying requirement needing fulfillment.

SpiraPlan®provides a complete Agile Project Management System in one package, that can manages your project's requirements, releases, iterations, tasks and issues in one environment, fully synchronized. SpiraPlan® provides reporting dashboards of key project progress and risk indicators - task progress, effort slippage, project velocity, task burndown / burnup, top risk and issues – in one consolidated view. Designed to be methodology agnostic, SpiraPlan supports Scrum, Extreme Programming, DSDM, Agile United Process and other agile/hybrid methodologies.

SpiraTeam® is an integrated Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) system that manages your project's requirements, releases, test cases, issues and tasks in one unified environment. SpiraTeam®contains all of the features provided by SpiraTest® - our highly acclaimed quality assurance system and SpiraPlan® - our agile-enabled project management solution. With integrated customizable dashboards of key project information, SpiraTeam® allows you to take control of your entire project lifecycle and synchronize the hitherto separate worlds of development and testing.