Requirements Management Import for ReqIF Files Now Available for SpiraTeam

16-Sep-2020 by Inflectra Product News

Several of our customers have been looking to migrate from some older, legacy requirements management systems such as Intland CodeBeamer, Retina, Siemens Polarion,IBM Rational DOORS, IBM Rational Requirements Composer and SystemWeaver that have seen a decline in active development. Thanks to the wonders of APIs and the ReqIF interchange format, we have just released a new requirements management migration tool that makes it easy to migrate from these tools to SpiraTeam, our award winning requirements management and ALM solution.

How do I get the Migration Tool?

You can download the new ReqIF requirements interchange format importer tool from the SpiraTeam Add-Ons and Downloads section:

How does the ReqIF Migration Work?

The migration tool is a simple wizard that allows you to open up any Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF) file exported from one of the legacy tools:

It will then seamlessly and effortlessly migrate the requirements (including custom attributes and relationships between the requirements) into SpiraTeam.

For example, if you import the sample Sample-Model.reqif file that is supplied with the importer, you will see the following requirements in SpiraTeam:

In addition, the importer will create the necessary custom properties as needed automatically:

Which Tools Can I Migrate From?

You can use this import tool to migrate from the following products (and many more):

  • Intland CodeBeamer
  • Intland Retina
  • IBM Rational DOORS
  • Sparx Enterprise Architect
  • Siemens Polarion
  • SystemWeaver
  • IBM Rational Requirements Composer
  • TechnoSolutions TopTeam Analyst

Where Can I Learn More?

For more information on using the ReqIF import tool, please refer to the Importing From ReqIF Files Guide.