Spira Academy: Training & Certification for Inflectra Users

2-Jun-2021 by Inflectra Company News

Inflectra is proud to announce the launch of the Spira Fundamentals Training and Certification course!

The course is the first in our training curriculum under Inflectra's brand new Spira Academy - the company's official, comprehensive training and certification program. Inflectra is in the early stages of this fascinating journey to empower its users to develop new skills, advance their careers, and succeed in delivering high-quality products as experts in the field of software development, product management, risk management, and project, program, & portfolio management.

Scroll down to learn more and check out the 1st training offering!

What is Spira Academy?

Spira Academy is a training and certification program for users of Inflectra’s software platforms: Spira*, KronoDesk, and Rapise. If continuous improvement and operational excellence in software product development is your goal, then Spira Academy is for you!

* Spira refers to all platforms in the Spira Family of tools - SpiraTest, SpiraTeam, and SpiraPlan

Why Get Trained with Spira Academy?

Standard-setter in quality software development, automation, and program management spaces, Inflectra’s software systems are used by over 140,000 people across industries, countries, and languages. Many of our users want to get certified as users of our platforms.

With Spira Academy, you can:

  • boost your job prospects by learning industry best practices that are baked into Spira, KronoDesk, and Rapise

  • succeed in a variety of careers when you get certified in one of Spira Academy’s role-based learning paths

  • demonstrate your value as a high-caliber candidate or differentiate yourself as a leader in your business unit.

Why Get Certified with Spira Academy? 

Inflectra-certified users will be recognized to have proven, real-world experience with our powerful, framework-agnostic software platforms. Spira Academy will open the doors to more career opportunities and help you become the go-to expert, championing cutting-edge technology at your company and strengthening your credibility.


Who is Spira Academy for?

Spira Academy is tailored for the needs of the many:

  • As a user of Inflectra software platforms, you can choose a learning and certification path that fits your career goals - from a team member to manager, power-user to administrator, to trainer to expert.
  • As a student or faculty, Spira Academy offers training and certification in industry-leading software development and testing techniques to boost your job prospects and bring you career growth for software engineering, business analysis, agile project management, program management, and risk management.
  • As a partner, you will be able to reach greater benefits from your partnership with Inflectra when you and your team get certified!

What Courses Will be Offered at Spira Academy?

In response to the software industry’s need for a cadre of workers with diverse skill-sets, Spira Academy will offer essential, as well as more role-based learning paths. Currently, learning paths are broken down as follows:

1. Fundamentals:

At Spira Academy, all learning paths will start with the "fundamentals" courses that cover the essential artifacts and core functionality of each platform. We will offer the following fundamental courses:  

Functional Learning Paths: 

Inflectra plans to offer various functional learning paths to support your goal of achieving greater functional competency in all Inflectra platforms. The learning paths map out certification options with modules assigned to each path, according to your chosen role. 

  • Management Path: Certification Bundle | 120 Days

    • Business Analyst Certification: Spira Fundamentals + Spira Requirements Management 

    • Agile Project Manager/Scrum Manager Certification: Spira Fundamentals, Spira Requirements Management, Spira Project Management

    • Program/Portfolio Manager Certification: Spira Fundamentals,  Spira Requirements Management, Spira Project Management, and Spira Test Management 

  • Hybrid Path: Certification Bundle | 180 Days 

    • Help Desk Administrator Certification: KronoDesk Fundamentals + KronoDesk Administration

    • Test Manager Certification: Spira Fundamentals + Spira Requirements Management, Spira Project Management, and Spira Quality Manager 

    • Project Administrator Certification: Spira Fundamentals, Spira Requirements Management, Spira Project Management, Spira Test Management, Project Administration, KronoDesk Administration

  • Technology Path: Certification Bundle | 1 year 

    • Developer Certification: Spira Fundamentals, Spira Architect /Developer, Spira Requirement Management, Spira Test Management, Rapise API Developer

    • Tester Certification: Spira Fundamentals, Spira Test Management, Spira Requirement Management, Rapise Fundamentals, Rapise Web & Desktop Engineer, 

    • Automation Engineer Certification: Spira Fundamentals, Spira Quality Manager, Spira Requirement Management, Rapise Fundamentals, Rapise Web & Desktop Engineer, Rapise Mobile Engineer

  • Partnership Path: Certification Bundle | up to 120 Days 

    • Silver Partner: Spira Pre-Sales; Spira Fundamentals; 

    • Gold Partner: Spira Pre-Sales; Spira Fundamentals; KronoDesk Fundamentals; Rapise Fundamentals

    • Platinum Partner: Spira Pre-Sales; Spira Fundamentals; KronoDesk Fundamentals; Rapise Fundamentals, Project Administrator Certification.

More specific information on Partnership Path and Partner Certification will be available through the Inflectra Partner Portal at a later date. Thank you for your patience! 

What is the Pricing Structure?

Spira Academy has two pricing structures based on your general interest:

  • The Inflectra platform users can upgrade their skills with Spira, KronoDesk, and Rapise Fundamentals with free essential training. Pay when getting certified
  • Power users, software engineering and project management students and faculty, and Inflectra Partners wishing to get certified will be able to do so module-by-module according to the structure below.


  • Spira Fundamentals | 30 Days | Free Training Course | Paid Certification: $19
  • KronoDesk Fundamentals | 30 Days | Free Training Course | Paid Certification: $19
  • Rapsie Fundamentals | 30 Days | Free Training Course | Paid Certification: $19

Functional Learning Paths (each module is $120) 

  • Management Path | Certification Bundle | 120 Days | $299 | Free Certification
  • Hybrid Path | Certification Bundle | 180 Days | $399 | Free Certification
  • Technology Path | Certification Bundle | 1 year | $599 | Free Certification
  • Partnership Path | Certification Bundle | 60 Days | various | Free Certification

As noted earlier, we are in the early stages of delivering on Spira Academy and we hope you'll love learning with us! 

Please stay tuned for more information on Spira Academy!