Spira Product Roadmap for 2023 and 2024 Released

16-Jan-2023 by Inflectra Product News

We are excited to announce the release of our high-level product roadmap for our Spira platform. The platform includes our SpiraTest test management system, SpiraTeam application lifecycle management system and SpiraPlan, the market-leading integrated scaled agile program management system. The updated product roadmap outlines the key marquee features planned for 2023 and 2024, broken down by quarter.


Key Focus Areas

The published roadmap focuses on the two key major strategic themes that we're using to guide the development of Spira 7.x and 8.x in the next two years:

  1. Scaled Agile. As part of our commitment to making Spira the premier platform for designing, developing and delivering large-scale agile projects, one of the key areas will be the creation of new work items and artifacts at the program and portfolios in Spira. This will let organizations define their company's strategic goals, decompose them into program capabilities, and deliver them as product features, epics and user stories. Based on successful scaled agile frameworks such as SAFe, Spira will provide organizations the only integrated program and project management platform to safely deliver their most mission-critical initiatives.
  2. Agile Boards. We recently released our new beta agile planning board in Spira 7.3. Based on the excellent feedback and suggestions from our customers, we will be releasing an updated planning board that incorporates the feedback as well using the feedback and new design to update the other boards in Spira, including but not limited to:
    1. The requirements boards
    2. The task boards
    3. The incident boards

Delivering Scaled Agile

As part of of the new scaled agile functionality planned for Spira, we are releasing new artifacts for programs and portfolios:

  • Program capabilities that can be mapped to product requirements
  • Program milestones that can be mapped to product releases

Program artifacts

Similarly for the portfolio-level:

  • Portfolio strategic objectives that can be mapped to program capabilities
  • Portfolio milestones that can be mapped to program milestones:

Portfolio artifacts

Revamping the Agile Boards

As part of the Spira 7.3 release we provided a complete new agile planning board user interface:

Revamped planning board

We have been collecting feedback from our customers and based on this feedback, we will be delivering the following:

  • Incorporating the key feedback into the main planning board and making available for general release (vs. beta)
  • Updating the task board to use the new user interface, incorporating the feedback
  • Updating the requirements board to use the new user interface, incorporating the feedback
  • Updating the incident board to use the new user interface, incorporating the feedback

Other Key Features

In addition to these two major themes that will be delivered in successive releases on the next two years, we will be continuing to add additional user suggested enhancements and fix bugs and issues identified by users. In addition, the roadmap identifies the following important new features that are outside of the two major themes:

  • Improvements for background operations (like report generation) for users in load-balanced environments
  • Initial release of v7 of our API (all prior versions of the API will remain 100% supported)
  • Release to requirement, and release to release associations
  • Multi-approval workflows enabled with a new dedicated SpiraApp
  • Risk enhancements, including in reporting
  • Support for artifact tags, similar to those available in documents
  • The ability to @ mention people in comments and descriptions

Where Can I Learn More?

To see the complete product roadmap, please refer to the live Spira roadmap on our SpiraDocs website.