Spira v4.0 Patch 012 Released Today

5-Jul-2013 by Inflectra Product News

We just released patch 012 for SpiraTeam, SpiraTest and SpiraPlan that fixes some known issues in v4.0. It will be deployed to our hosted SaaS sites this weekend.

·         ! Fixes issue that could cause creating a new project to fail when using a template project.

·         ! Fixes some internal error-throwing code.

·         ! Fixes error that could occur if "Max Length" is set on custom test field.

·         + Added 'Artifact Name' field to Admin->History pages.

·         ! Small speed improvement for browser detection.

·         ! Fixes issue where test sets' test cases were not respecting their specific assigned owners

·         ! Fixes display issue in IE10 where text caret appears in next line when you click ENTER after editing an item

·         + Adds ability to enter in negative time offset needed for certain datasyncs.

·         ! Fixes issue where user could get blank page after logging in.