Spira v4.2.0.2 and Updated Git / Subversion Providers Released

7-Nov-2014 by Inflectra Product News

We are pleased to announce the release of an update for Spira v4.2 that provides several enhancements and bug-fixes as well as support for enhanced source integration. In addition, we have released updated source code providers for both Git and Subversion.

The following enhancements, changes and bug-fixes are included in v4.2.0.2:

  • ~ Additional Changes to the version control interface in support of updated V2 Git/Subversion plugins
  • ! Fixed bug where filtering incidents by Detected Release did not include child iterations
  • ~ Allows users to add comments to artifacts that they don't have general edit permissions to
  • ! Fixed permission issue when accessing test runs
  • ! Source code file list pages were always showing zero (0) files in the page count
  • + Added cache status display to version control admin page
  • ! Fixes bug where source code revision associations not showing up for certain artifacts
  • ! Fixes issue where component section was not being saved when you create a new incident
  • + The component dropdown was added to the incident section of the test execution page
  • ! Fixes issue where new incident notifications were not being sent
  • ~ Changes date display in source code screens to display in local time instead of UTC