Spira v6.10 Released: Agile Planning Board & Task Tracking Enhancements

14-Jun-2021 by Inflectra Product News

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of our award winning test management SpiraTest system, application lifecycle management SpiraTeam platform, and enterprise agile planning platform - SpiraPlan. The new version (6.10) provides major usability updates to the agile planning boards that support Scrum, Kanban and many other agile methodologies. In addition, there are many smaller enhancements to features such as task tracking and the Gantt charts.

Agile Planning Board Enhancements

In the previous version of the agile planning boards, you could view and add requirement, incident and task cards to the various boards in the system, but when you clicked on an item, it would always navigate you to the page for that item. This meant that editing the name, description or other fields of an item on the board was not as quick and easy as we would like. With the enhancements available in v6.10, you can now click on a card in the planning board and be able to edit all the fields inline without changing page. Learn More...

Task Tracking Enhancements

On the task list page you can now perform actions on a whole folders at once, not just specific tasks. This lets you quickly clone, export, or print tasks in folders.

Other Enhancements and Fixes

  • API

    • Add API calls to create, update, and delete Test Set Parameters [IN:5513]
    • Add settings to allow throttling of API usage in Spira [IN:5819]
    • Fix API call for creating test cases to allow setting TestCaseStatusId to 0 to use the default status, as per documentation [IN:5708]
    • Fix API call for creating/updating document folders so that if no parent folder id is specified the folder becomes a child of the current root folder [IN:5459]
    • Fix API call for getting a filtered list of test sets so that it works correctly with the sort_field parameter [IN:5995]
    • Add API calls to update and delete Test Case Parameters [IN:6273]
    • Fix v6 API test set search not returning proper results if the release_id query string parameter is set to null [IN:5779]
    • Fix the documentation for the API call to get users/all to make it clear it returns all users, not only active ones [IN:5225]
    • Fix the Rest API for documents not returning custom properties when retrieving documents [IN:6278]
    • Soap and REST API add and update calls for artifacts with workflows abide by the template's Status Bulk Edit setting [IN:6457]
  • Other

    • Add tool and edit functions to task folders on the main task list page grid, as you can with test cases and test sets [IN:6229]
    • Darken the workspace Releases/Sprint Completion widget's overdue color and label [IN:6114]
    • Fix document detail page styling potentially being changed by inline styling in HTML documents [IN:6444]
    • Fix Firefox sporadically not loading some controls (due to timing issues) [IN:6487]
    • Fix Risk Detail Page > Tasks Tab Clone and Task Split buttons not associating the new task with the original task's Risk [IN:6216]
    • Fix some movable dialog boxes being shown too far to the bottom of the screen [IN:6321]
    • Fix the follower card showing behind the artifact title, which is particularly problematic on the test case details page [IN:6481]
    • Improve the performance of retrieving history data for products that use baselining [IN:6466]
    • Remove the duplicate "Delete" entry from the task list page context menu [IN:6252]
    • Schedule widgets for programs, portfolio and enterprise should calculate the product start and end date using the min max of active releases (using same definition as for releases / sprints of active) [IN:6228]
    • Show the "is user Locked out" toggle on the system admin user details page only when the user is locked out, and show it for all authentication methods (normal, LDAP, Oauth) [IN:6482]
    • Show which release data is being shown for on the Release and Task Gantt views (syncs with release dropdowns used on product home page and elsewhere) [IN:6201]

Release Notes

For the full list of features, bug fixes, and enhancements, please check out the v6.10 release notes.