Spira v6.14 Released: Editable Gantt Charts and OneLogin OAuth Support

13-Dec-2021 by Inflectra Product News

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of our award-winning test management SpiraTest system, application lifecycle management SpiraTeam platform, and enterprise agile planning platform - SpiraPlan. The new version (6.14) includes the ability to edit releases and tasks in both the Gantt and Pert chart views as well as additional Single Sign On (SSO) support for OneLogin and OpenID Connect. In addition, there are many bug fixes and performance improvements in the new version.


  • View, edit, and add releases inline on the release mindmap, release Gantt chart, or task Gantt chart pages in a new popup View full details about each release without leaving the mindmap or Gantt chart, or edit and save changes right there. (SpiraTeam and SpiraPlan only)
  • View, edit, and add tasks inline on the task Gantt chart pages in a new popup View full details about each task without leaving the Gantt chart, or edit and save changes right there. (SpiraTeam and SpiraPlan only)
  • Support for two new Single Sign On (SSO) providers: the popular OneLogin service and a generic OpenID provider. This makes it even easiser to integrate your external authentication system with Spira.

New Features

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • On-premise installer

    • Fix the upgrade process from ever overwriting attachments with IDs 1 through 16 with sample attachments [IN:6714]
    • Fix the upgrade process so that custom SSMS passwords are not reset to the default [IN:6709]
    • No longer attempt to dynamically inform users which prerequisites have been met during on premise installation, and instead shows users a static guide during installation for information only [IN:6718]
    • Stop the on-premise installer showing a popup warning that uninstallation may not have completed successfully even when it had done so [IN:6520]
    • The on-premise installer will no longer allow installation on servers older than SQL Server 2012 to match the application's minimum system requirements [IN:6492]
  • Fix text not wrapping when editing rich text fields of test steps on a test case details page (introduced in 6.13) [IN:6833]

  • Fix error message appearing when creating new items on details pages when changing the type and on boards (introduced in 6.13) [IN:6834]
  • Fix the diagram tab for use case requirements with steps no longer rendering the diagram on the requirements details page (introduced in 6.13) [IN:6860]

  • Fix details pages for artifacts that use workflows so that the comments settings in the workflow always control the comment box [IN:4917]

  • Fix the Task Gantt Chart not showing child sprints as part of their parent release (SpiraTeam and SpiraPlan only) [IN:6494]
  • Let users change the release using a dropdown on the Release and Task Gantt Charts. This syncs with release dropdowns used on product home page and elsewhere (SpiraTeam and SpiraPlan only) [IN:6747]

Release Notes

For the full list of features, bug fixes, and enhancements, please check out the v6.14 release notes.