Spira v6.15 Released: Rich Text Editor Enhancements, UI and Performance Improvements

11-Feb-2022 by Inflectra Product News

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of our award-winning test management SpiraTest system, application lifecycle management SpiraTeam platform, and enterprise agile planning platform - SpiraPlan. The new version (6.15) includes major improvements the user experience, particularly for users with more limited product permissions, and well as the initial customer onboarding emails and performance / usability improvements to the rich text editor.


  • Improves the welcome emails users receive on getting their brand new SpiraPlan user account. The emails are now more clear and easier to read.
  • Building on the overhaul we did to our rich text editor in 6.13, the editor is now more powerful and feature-packed than ever. The editor supports find and replace, has more formatting options for tables and images, and is more performant.
  • UI tweaks under the hood to improve the user experience, particularly for users with more limited product permissions.

New Features

  • Improvements and fixes to the SpiraPlan installer and upgrader application [RQ:3706]
  • Send a clear and well designed email to a user if their pending user request is rejected [RQ:4040]
  • Improve the design and usability of the email sent to a user after an admin creates a new user [RQ:4026]

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • Rich text editor

    • Add find and replace support to the rich text editor to let users make updates more easily [IN:6929]
    • Add more image positioning options to the rich text editor, including left align [IN:6898]
    • Add more table formatting options to the rich text editor [IN:6858]
    • Allow certain HTML tags that the rich text editor does not use to still be rendered (for example, <pre> tags) [IN:6887]
    • Allow users to insert images with a URL in the rich text editor [IN:6893]
    • Fix users not being able to add a hyperlink to text when in full screen mode of the rich text editor [IN:6872]
    • Improve page rendering speed on pages with the new rich text editor by loading the editor asynchronously [IN:6909]
    • Improve the performance of entering test step edit mode on the test case details page [IN:6884]
    • Make the edges of the description rich text boxes always visible [IN:6845]
    • When editing rich text fields, make numbering of a numbered list continue, even when you insert an image in the middle [IN:6839]
  • Testing

  • Improvements for those with limited permissions

    • Disable the delete button on the folder edit popup dialog if you do not have delete permissions for that artifact [IN:6473]
    • Disable the "link existing incident" button on test run detail page if you do not have incident modify all permissions [IN:6975]
    • Do not let users create or clone a test step on the test step details page if they cannot modify the test step's test case (even if they can create test cases) [IN:4661]
    • Hide the new comment box on the document details page if you cannot add comments [IN:6974]
    • If a user cannot edit a specific artifact, make the whole artifact read only (instead of letting them edit fields but then not be able to save) [IN:4257]
    • Let users without bulk edit permissions still add comments to artifacts on inline editing popups (on planning boards, mindmaps, and Gantt charts) [IN:6955]
    • Make sure you can only import test steps on the test case detail page if your role lets you create test steps and you can modify the test case [IN:4662]
  • Other

    • Allow changes to risks to be reverted and/or purged from the product history changes page [IN:6935]
    • Database schema parity standardization on upgrading [IN:6181]
    • Fix the on premise installer program to say "Removal Successful" when uninstalling (and not "Installation Successful") [IN:6891]
    • Fix the requirement use case steps' context menu so that all options work and behave as expected on the requirement details page [IN:6079]
    • Fix the risk mitigations' context menu so that all options work and behave as expected on the risk details page [IN:6080]
    • Fix the task Gantt chart error messages when editing a release or task popup so that the error shows in the popup and not on the page behind it [IN:6895]
    • If a user tries to create a release with a start date that is later than its end date, set the end date to match the start date [IN:6683]
    • If a user tries to set a risk's closed date to be before its creation date, automatically set the closed date to match the creation date (instead of not allowing the risk to be saved as now) [IN:6684]
    • Make sure all history and association tab dropdowns are fully localized [IN:6910]
    • Make sure all fields on the history and association grids are fully localized [IN:7027]
    • Record risk exposure and changes to exposure in the risk history to make it easier for users to meet audit and compliance needs [IN:6913]
    • Show a tooltip with all selected values when you hover over a multi-select dropdown [IN:6987]
    • Update REST documentation to provide the type IDs for custom property types added in SpiraPlan 6.13 [IN:6966]