Spira v7.2 Released: Product Custom Properties, Program Management & Spreadsheet Editor

12-Oct-2022 by Inflectra Product News

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest version (v7.2) of our award-winning test management SpiraTest system, application lifecycle management SpiraTeam platform, and enterprise agile planning platform - SpiraPlan.

Major Features

This new version allows you to manage products in a whole new way (SpiraPlan only). New system level custom properties and custom lists let program users see and manage your products with custom data and through new dedicated pages and custom report options. You can use these new features for improved Project Portfolio Management, to implement project charters, and much more.

Along with existing support for creating and editing dynamic documents inside Spira (including diagrams and documents), the new spreadsheet editor lets you create simple spreadsheets to better organize your teams and track work. You can have multiple sheets, apply formatting to cells, use a wide number of functions, and even import from and export to Excel spreadsheets.

New Features

  • Allow users to create and edit simple spreadsheets as an option for inline documents [RQ:4322]
  • Email all system administrators every time that the concurrent user limit is exceeded by a user trying to login but can't due to license issues [RQ:4361]

  • Improved Product Management and Customization

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • Add a link on the product home page, overview widget to the new product details page, shown to program members only [IN:7501]
  • Add a new dedicated "Account Lockout Period" security setting, so system admins can specify how long a user is locked out for once they enter too many wrong passwords within the relevant window [IN:5010]
  • Add a new system admin security setting to enforce stricter security only possible on HTTPS sites [IN:7359]
  • Fix a typo in the 7.1 onboarding tour about TaraVault [IN:7443]
  • Fix editing tasks or requirements on the release details page not triggering notification events [IN:6954]
  • Fix the documentation link on the user's Add 2-Step Authentication page [IN:7396]
  • Improve explanatory text in two places in administration for the flag that disables rollup calculations, and also the 2 pop-up messages [IN:7338]
  • Improve the error pages throughout the app, with a more consistent design in more places, and showing stack trace information to system admins only [IN:6293]
  • Reduce css file sizes by removing Internet Explorer 11 specific rules and values [IN:7412]
  • Show more of the test case names on the test case grid of the test set details page (up to 150 characters) [IN:7299]
  • Show the program artifact dropdown when a user goes to a program page before ever going to a product [IN:7474]
  • Update the minimum SQL Server required version under which SpiraPlan can be installed to 2016 [IN:7424]
  • Set the minimum required version of .NET that the application will work under to 4.8 [RQ:3085]
  • When a product has rollup calculations disabled, also disable test case parameter hierarchy refreshes [IN:7422]

How Do I Get the New Version?

You can get the latest version right away by going to the secure Customer Area of our website. Cloud customers will have already been updated during the October maintenance window. If you have any questions about the new version, please contact support@inflectra.com.

About SpiraPlan

SpiraPlan is Inflectra’s flagship enterprise-level portfolio management platform. Now in its 6th version, this all-in-one solution combines the world-class test management, portfolio management, and requirements traceability features. Spiraplan boasts a full set of capabilities for program management, release planning, baselining, resource management, and risk analysis. With integrated executive dashboards full of critical metrics, real-time charts, customizable reports, and templates, you have a birds-eye view of your teams' progress. SpiraPlan is methodology agnostic, with support for Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, and hybrid approaches. The tool is available in a secure cloud (AWS) or as a download. SpiraPlan integrates with over 60 apps on the market, including Jira, Bamboo, Selenium, Git, Version One, Eclipse, Jenkins, Visual Studio, Zendesk.