SpiraPlan Jira Synchronization Now Synchronizes Tasks from Spira to Jira

30-Nov-2021 by Inflectra Product News

As more and more teams are looking to use SpiraPlan for its powerful requirements, risk and quality management capabilities with tools like Atlassian Jira, we have been working on enhancing the integration between our SpiraTeam and SpiraPlan platforms and Jira. The new version of our integration allows you to create tasks in Spira and have those tasks seamlessly synchronize over to Jira for tasking development teams. The enhanced versions continue to support Jira Cloud, DataCenter and Server editions.

Ability to Sync Tasks

One of the common requests from our customers using SpiraTeam and SpiraPlan is that they would like to do the requirements development in Spira and have the business analysts and product owners create tasks in Spira that then get pushed to Jira. We have similar functionality available for Azure DevOps and Asana but not Jira. With this latest update, you can now create tasks in Spira (either connected  to a requirement or just standalone) and they will get added to Jira as either an issue of type Task or Sub-Task:

Requirement with Tasks in SpiraPlan

If the task in Spira maps to a requirement already linked to a Jira User Story, Epic or Feature, the task will be automatically linked in Jira as well:

User Story with Sub-Tasks in Jira

Then if the development team make any changes in Jira to the task, the updates will synchronize back into Spira.

The synchronization is flexible, allowing you to map different types of task in Spira to different types of task in Jira:

Task Mapping Jira Task Types to SpiraPlan

To enable this new functionality, you will need to modify the plugin configuration settings so that Custom 02 contains the list of Jira issue types that should be synchronized as Spira tasks:

Spira Jira plugin configuration changes

Other Updates

In addition to this main enhancement, we've also added functionality whereby incidents that are created in Spira that are linked to requirements will also show this association in Jira. Previously only incident - incident associations were migrated to Jira.

On-Premise and Cloud

As with our existing integration functionality, the new versions of the data synchronization plugin continue to support all three flavors of Atlassian Jira:

  • Jira Cloud
  • Jira Server
  • Jira DataCenter

Jira plugins for Server, Cloud and Data-Center

If you are using our cloud-based synchronization, then the new plugin is already active. If you are using on-premise synchronization, you will need to download the latest version from our website.