SpiraTest, SpiraPlan and SpiraTeam v3.2 Now Available

22-Dec-2011 by Inflectra Product News

We are pleased to announce that the latest version of our award winning requirements, test, defect and project management ALM suite - SpiraTest, SpiraPlan and SpiraTeam - has been released. The new version includes support for Build Management, recurring Test Automation scheduling and global search. In addition there have been many usability and functionality enhancements throughout the system.


New Features


·         Language pack for Finnish customers

·         Global search capability across artifacts and projects

·         Ability to schedule recurring test automation schedules

·         Enhanced integration with Rapise test automation system

·         Build management and integration capabilities

·         Ability to attach a source code file to a SpiraTeam artifact

·         Additional My Page widgets for reading RSS feeds, logging incidents and displaying subscriptions

Enhancements and Resolved Issues


·         Test run creation moved to background thread to accommodate execution of larger test sets (-)

·         Automation engine filename no longer read-only when test case first displayed (!)

·         Ability to specify multiple IDs for artifact filters in printable reports (+)

·         Print button added to Task Details page (+)

·         Links added to artifact History tabs to make it easier to perform revert and purge operations (+)

·         Application restarts when database previously offline without needing IIS reset (!)

·         Ability to filter reports by selecting a folder / summary requirement to report on just one branch (+)

·         Report option added to list screen toolbars to allow easier reporting on lists of items (+)

·         Ability to more easily attach an existing document from the Documents tab to an artifact (+)

·         Saving filters option for test runs added (+)

·         Test set and test step parameters added to the appropriate reports (+)

·         Web Service API extended to allow artifact moves, test step deletes and test coverage retrieval (+)

·         Incident closed date automatically cleared when incident moves to open status (-)

·         Allows document version to be set on initial upload and adds screenshot capture to document upload screen (+)

·         Updated navigation bar added to task, test execution, automation hosts, documentation and resources pages (+)