TaraVault Released - Secure Private Git & Subversion for Spira

26-Oct-2015 by Inflectra Product News

We are pleased to announce the release of TaraVault, our new secure, private @Git and @Subversion #scm hosting from Inflectra. It is now available for SpiraPlan and SpiraTeam customers that are hosted in our cloud environment.

When you need a complete solution for managing your software projects, SpiraTeam and TaraVault give you everything you need to quickly and effortlessly design, plan, test and deliver on-time and on-budget. With powerful features such as requirements management, test management, bug-tracking, source code management and powerful reporting, why look anywhere else.

Enterprise Git & Subversion Hosting

The heart of TaraVault is our enterprise-grade repository hosting. Each TaraVault project comes with its own private source code repository (Subversion or Git). Both are fully compatible with standard clients and use secure, encrypted communications for all access. Choose centralized or distributed version control per project.

Subversion and Git Hosting
TaraVault and SpiraTeam ALM

Application Lifecycle Management

TaraVault is fully-integrated with our SpiraPlan and SpiraTeam application lifecycle management (ALM) platforms so that you can manage your software development projects in one environment. With powerful features for managing requirements, planning projects, tracking bugs/issues and allocating resources, TaraVault will let you manage your source code repositories, link source code revisions, and ensure quality.

Secure, Reliable and Private

TaraVault is designed for businesses and others that need to keep their source code private, so we take the integrity and security of all customer data very seriously. We combine a number of approaches across our infrastructure to meet the ever-evolving challenges to security and data integrity.