Updated Subversion Plugin Improves Source Code Management in SpiraTeam

14-Jun-2018 by Inflectra Product News

We are pleased to announce the release of an updated plugin for connecting SpiraTeam and SpiraPlan to the popular Subversion source code management system. The new plugin requires SpiraTeam or SpiraPlan v5.4 or later and provides enhanced performance as well as the ability to map Subversion branch folders into the native Spira branching system (similar to what is already available for Git).

Performance Enhancements

We have updated the connection and data caching architecture to improve the speed of connecting to Subversion (SVN) and generating the local folder/file/revision cache in SpiraTeam by upto 400%. You should notice much faster response times in the application as well as faster times getting the latest revisions and file/folder updates.

Feature Enhancements

In addition, you can now map "standard" Subversion branch layouts into SpiraTeam so that the Trunk, Branches and Tags are displayed in SpiraTeam as actual branches, rather than nested folders:

As an end user, you will now see the branches, tags and Trunk displayed in the main repository browser in SpiraTeam: