Updates Released for SpiraTest, SpiraTeam, SpiraPlan, and KronoDesk

8-Mar-2018 by Inflectra Product News

We are pleased to announce updates for our powerful enterprise ALM and software test management platform - SpiraPlan (including SpiraTeam & SpiraTest) as well as our easy to use IT help desk system - KronoDesk. Check out the new branding we have introduced as well as the fixes and enhancements.

New Product Branding

When you apply the latest updates to our products, you will see the new product logos for SpiraTest, SpiraPlan, SpiraTeam, and KronoDesk:

(Rapise will getting its new logo when it's updated in v5.6 later this month)

Spira v5.4.0.1 Release Notes

   Improve behavior on list page if user has "create" and "modify owned" permissions- [IN:2220]
    Excel 2003 reports show blank effort as zeros and incorrectly show effort as percentages- [IN:2797]
    Custom integer fields: some minor issues with validation- [IN:2851]
    Associations: the Edit button, for editing the association itself, is not present if user has "modify owned" permission,- [IN:2860]
    Selection Box is empty after apply filter- [IN:2931]
    Add ArtifactLinkView as a reportable entity for custom reporting- [IN:2953]
    Custom integer and decimal properties: sorting is incorrect- [IN:3092]
    Issue with custom list value sort order when we copy a project- [IN:3371]
    Reports: Incorrect rendering of lists in PDF format- [IN:3382]
    Unable to close message window if title bar was moved outside the browser- [IN:3534]
    Release list isn't refreshed when pasting: Copy/Pasted Releases seem to be hidden- [IN:3608]
    Test step number are showing incorrectly on Incident Detailed Report in PDF format only- [IN:3611]
    If custom property field name is more than about 50 characters, an exception occurs when you try to fill in a value.- [IN:3617]
    Notification events: ${Comments} token doesn't work in subject line.- [IN:3652]
    On Premise API documentation can at times not show Request Parameters due to an invalid date- [IN:3657]
    Add ArtifactLink / Association as Reportable Entity- [IN:3658]
    Release details, Reqs & Tasks tab: some minor UI issues- [IN:3691]
    Users allows to create incidents during test execution who don't have permission- [IN:3699]
    Test Coverage tab on Requirement detail page has some problems with filtering- [IN:3768]
    Requirement details, associations tab: filter functionality ignores links with type "source code" - [IN:3771]
    Problems with pagination on the main requirements list- [IN:3781]
    A few places where the server language is used instead of the language specified in General Settings- [IN:3803]
    PDF Reporting Catalan with malformed text- [IN:3876]
    Make project owner able to see (but not edit) version control settings.- [IN:3900]
    Reporting: Test Case Detailed Report: lists in test steps displayed strangely- [IN:4017]
    Admin cannot see which workflow applies to a requirement package- [IN:4073]
    Cannot search by test step ID on incident details association panel- [IN:4074]
    Limited View role: during test execution, suggest hiding the authorization error on incident tab- [IN:4078]
    When dragging multiple items, they don't stay in the original order- [IN:4150]
    Report Custom Section based on TST_ARTIFACT_LINK table (and other tables)- [IN:4269]
    Test execution, table view: New incident pop-up needs styling update- [IN:4306]
    Add Component Names Table to Reportable Entities- [IN:4312]
    Project Home dashboard: two widgets don't refresh when change from a specific release to all releases- [IN:4333]
    Release execution status not updated when test runs are deleted or edited.- [IN:4349]
    Reporting: Test Set Summary Graph: Test Execution Release field should be omitted.- [IN:4365]
    Exception removing a parameter from a test case if it is used in any test configuration- [IN:4384]
    Need to prevent a test being executed if it has test cases in an invalid status for execution- [IN:4387]
    Add Follower button does not appear when it should for certain artifact/role combinations- [IN:4453]
    Moving iteration should update test coverage but it does not. (also outdent/indent)- [IN:4463]
    No cross-association displayed in TESTCASE dedicated sub-tab- [IN:4475]
    For default developer role, Testing -> Configurations menu item leads to error- [IN:4495]
    Split requirement dialog has a place to specify owner but it does not get used- [IN:4510]
    Add event log table to reportable entities- [IN:4513]
    Some tooltips not working if user is not system administrator- [IN:4530]
    test execution actual result displayed wrongly on table view- [IN:4540]
    Find button: problems when Incident is in a different project- [IN:4544]
    Loading an assigned test set takes really long.- [IN:4547]
    Switch over the refresh test case to use the faster stored procedure- [IN:4548]
    Permission required to be able to clone incident- [IN:4551]
    Association panel gives an option to choose another project, when it should not- [IN:4552]

KronoDesk 2.1.5 Release Notes

    Fixes issue of Intrnal Notes sometimes being seen by customers.
    Adds filtering to the SpiraIntegration Incident panel on Ticket Details page.

How Do I Get the New Versions?

  • For download customers, please go to the secure Customer Area to download the updates
  • For cloud customers, we shall be applying the updates this weekend