Inflectra-Sponsored Event: Agile, DevOps & Testing: The Evolving Scene

19-Feb-2021 by Inflectra

Inflectra is excited to sponsor UNICOM’s Agile, DevOps & Testing: The Evolving Scene this February 18-19, 2021. 

Join international speakers online as they discuss cutting-edge topics, including Performance Testing, DevOps, Web Services Testing, and Agile Scrum.

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We will be in our virtual booth. Don't forget to stop by to say Hi and win a door prize! (Psss.....Free conference ticket info is enclosed!)

About the Event:

Experts from all over the world explore the cutting edge topics in Agile, Software Testing, and DevOps, ML, AI, Web Services Testing, Mobile Applications Testing

with workshops, talks, and Q & A’s on their implementation, importance, and uses in a variety of fields.


The conference takes place on February 18-19, 2021, starting at 12:00 SGT / 9:30 IST. The conference is offered as a virtual event.

This event is mainly focused on participants from India and APAC; hence the start and end times have been chosen for the convenience of participants from these Time Zones.


Need a ticket?

We do have a few complimentary tickets, so please contact Inflectra at if you need one.


See you at the conference!