Security as Risk: Conversations on Risk Management

15-Sep-2022 by Inflectra

You are invited to a live conversation on the risk and risk management issues within Inflectra’s panel discussion series, Conversations on Risk Management. The second event in this series focuses on Security As Risk spotlighting the importance of risk management in advancing products and processes in the cloud, Al, and Big Data space.


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With the proliferation of the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR), this panel will discuss security as a risk. In the era of data privacy and regulatory compliance, the challenges and solutions for security risks must be thoroughly understood, weighed, and mitigated. In the second conversation of the series, the experts will discuss the increasingly significant role Risk management will play in developing products and processes.



Thursday, September 15, 2022, at 2:00 PM EDT.



Adam Sandman is the Founder and CEO of Inflectra. He has been working in the IT industry for the past 25+ years. His areas of expertise span software architecture to agile development, software testing, test automation, and project management. He is interested in technology, business, and enabling people to follow their passions. At Inflectra, Adam is responsible for researching the tools, technologies, and processes in the software testing and quality assurance space. Adam is a prolific speaker whose speaking engagements range from StarEast, and Eurostar to STPcons, DevGeekWeek, Swiss Testing Day, NDIA, STARCanada, TestingMind, Agile DevOps West, StarWest, testCon, JFTL, and many more.

Ian Frazier is the Cybersecurity & IT Engineer at Inflectra. Within Inflectra, Ian works to secure the integrity and stability of the company’s information infrastructure and products. He graduated from the University of Maryland with a master’s degree in Cybersecurity Technology and has completed multiple national certifications specializing in IT security and ethical hacking. He regularly researches security trends and attends DefCon yearly to stay on top of the ever-shifting global security threat landscape. 

Ravi Subramanyan (HiveMQ) is a Product Marketing and Management leader with extensive experience delivering high-quality products and services that have generated revenues and cost savings of over $10B for companies such as Motorola, GE, Bosch, and Weir. Mr. Subramanyan has successfully launched products, established branding, and created product advertisements and marketing campaigns for global and regional business teams.


The event is moderated by Dr. Sriram Rajagopalan.



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