Webinar: Blockchain Development & Innovation in the Banking and Finance Industry

26-Oct-2022 by Inflectra

Inflectra and BLOOCK invite you to a live webinar on blockchain development & innovation in the banking and finance industry. This webinar will be moderated by Audrey Marcum, Partner Development Analyst at Inflectra, and will be jointly hosted by August Guenther, Software Engineer at Inflectra, and Marc Baqué, CTO at BLOOCK. This webinar will take place on October 26th at 10AM ET / 16 CEST. 

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This webinar will cover:
- Current state of traditional Banking & Finance space
- Software development & testing challenges
- Blockchain solution in the Banking & Finance space
- Benefits of blockchain implementation in the industry
- Inflectra and BLOOCK technologies: application scenarios & Spira's integration capabilities
- Q&A


October 26, 2022 at 10 AM ET / 16 CEST

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Marc Baqué is a full stack developer with deep knowledge in blockchain technology and expertise in the Ethereum ecosystem. Holding a master’s degree in IT Projects and Service Management from UPC, he leads BLOOCK technical team as the CTO. Through his expertise in Project Management as well as software development, Marc continues to grow BLOOCK’s product by developing new functionalities, all in accordance with client needs. Marc is also deeply involved in the Catalan tech community and proves himself as a key leader.


August Guenther is a Full stack web developer with market and general knowledge of popular blockchain implementations such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other miscellaneous crypto and NFT projects. He is on Inflectra's SpiraPlan product team working on external tools such as migration tools, data syncs, and other utility applications. August is a self taught developer and is involved in online communities helping new to-be developers get started on their own self led software development journeys.


Audrey Marcum is the Partner Development Analyst at Inflectra Corporation. New to the IT industry, she has applied her skills developed in her education and previous job positions to her role at Inflectra, where she oversees the Partner Program, manages partners in the US and Canada, and provides support to Inflectra’s global partner channel. She also manages Inflectra's technology partnerships and organizes partner marketing efforts. Prior to working at Inflectra, she completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy with a focus in Public Affairs at The George Washington University. 


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