Webinar: Spira 7.3: Agile Planning Boards To Rule Your Projects

20-Dec-2022 by Inflectra

Meet the latest enhancements to Inflectra’s Quality Management platform - Spira. The newest release in 2022, Spira v7.3, packs a mighty punch with significant improvements to the Agile Planning Boards. This webinar will be presented by Adam Sandman, the CEO of Inflectra, on December 20, 2022! 


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This webinar will cover:

  • Spira in 2022: Recapping the progress
  • Latest Releases: 
    • The Planning Boards: Kanban, Scrum and Agile Use Cases
    • Teams
    • Product/project custom properties
    • New Spreadsheet editor

- Q&A


December 20, 2022, at 10 AM ET / 16 CEST - SIGN UP!
December 20, 2022, at 3 PM ET / 12 PM PT - SIGN UP!


About the presenter:

Adam Sandman is the Founder and CEO of Inflectra. He has been working in the IT industry for the past 25+ years. His areas of expertise span software architecture to agile development, software testing, test automation, and project management. He is interested in technology, business, and enabling people to follow their passions. At Inflectra, Adam is responsible for researching the tools, technologies, and processes in the software testing and quality assurance space. Adam is a prolific speaker, whose speaking engagements range from StarEast, and Eurostar to STPcons, DevGeekWeek, Swiss Testing Day, to NDIA, STARCanada, TestingMind, Agile DevOps West, StarWest, testCon, JFTL, and many more.



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