What Everybody Ought to Know about Rapise v5.0

January 9th, 2017 by inflectra

In the next week or so we shall be formally releasing the next version of our popular automated testing IDE. In this article we give you a taste of what to expect for both existing customers looking to upgrade and new customers that want to empower their testers with powerful tools to make their job easier.

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The Top 5 Things to Know About Rapise

Rapise provides the most complete testing Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developers, automation engineers and testers on the market today. Within the Rapise environment you can:

  • Test desktop, web and mobile applications using the same JavaScript language and object methodology
  • Write web service tests against a host of different types of API - REST, SOAP, ActiveX, .NET, we've got you covered
  • Prototype manual and acceptance tests and use them to document your testing code
  • Debug your tests in real-time using the integrated debugger and variable watch manager
  • Quickly verify the functionality of packaged business applications such as Microsoft Dynamics.

The 5 New Things in Rapise

Rapise v 5.0 brings the following new features to current users of Rapise:

  • New SOAP web service testing studio for testing legacy API endpoints
  • Enhanced REST web service testing that includes script recording and enhanced usability
  • Support for the Microsoft Edge browser to ensure playback works on all browsers
  • Refreshed user interface that improves productivity and reduces the time to do common tasks
  • New error reporting system using NodeJS that makes it easier to locate the source of test failures and fix

How to Take Control of Testing SOAP APIs

Rapise has offered one of the best environments to test REST web services since 2012, but with the release of Rapise 5.0, we bring that power and simplicity to your legacy SOAP APIs as well. With Rapise SOAP testing, you can quickly generate tests against your SOAP endpoints:

Then when your tests reveal a problem, you can dive deeper using the built-in SOAP and HTTP logging and diagnostic tools.

The Secret of Testing MS Dynamics

One of the biggest challenges we've heard from customers is testing complex packaged applications. So we're going to be focusing on making it easier and more affordable to testing critical applications like SAP, Dynamics, and other ERP, CRM and back-office systems. In Rapise v5.0 you can now for the first time have an easy to use, visual environment for writing automated regression tests against MS Dynamics AX and CRM:

Keep an eye out for future information on this exciting new area of testing. We will be providing more information on how Rapise can transform your Dynamics AX testing in the weeks ahead.

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