Spira 5.1 - Size is What Matters - Resizeable Columns!

November 17th, 2016 by inflectra

One of the frequent pieces of feedback we have received has been that the columns in the various list pages within Spira are not resizable. We have listened to your feedback and Spira 5.1 provides resizable columns for the first time.

How it Used to Look

In older versions of Spira, if you had artifacts with long names, they would be automatically truncated to 50 characters and suffixed with "...' ellipses to indicate missing content.

This was the same regardless of how many other fields were display. Other fields would automatically stretch to fill the space available.

How it Looks in Spira 5.1

In Spira 5.1, we have added the ability to resize columns by just click-dragging the special 'handle' now displayed next to the sub-header of each column. The red line indicates how wide the column will be:

That lets you decide how much space to allocate to each column.

For artifact names, that means no more ellipses (...), you can display titles as long as you like!

spira resizable columns user interface

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