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January 6th, 2017 by inflectra

One of our new year's resolutions for 2017 was being more engaged with our global community of developers, testers, managers, agilsts, evangelists and partners. As part of this we are going to be improving our use of social media channels as well as email and our website. This will bring you more up to date information on what we're doing as well as give you a voice in helping shape our plans for the future.

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Loud and Proud

You can already find us on these channels:

  • Twitter - this is the heartbeat of Inflectra. You can find all the lateest news on a wide variety of topics. Many of the targeted content on our other channels will be linked to and broadcast from our Twitter account. If you are looking for quick ideas, retweets from our friends and partners or want to see if we have any technical issues, this is the place to come.
  • Facebook - our company page is where you can come to learn about our recent activities, articles that we like, events that we're organizing around the world, presentations that we find useful, inspiring videos and general industry information. We're also going to be launching two Facebook user communities in the near future - Spira Social and Rapise Rockstars, keep an eye out for these real soon! We'll have a unique set of promotions and discounts available to Facebook users, so go ahead and Follow Us and save!
  • LinkedIn - this is where you come for thought-leadership, longer form articles, whitepapers, background pieces and of course cool presentations made available in our linked Slideshare channel. Also we have popular groups Spira Users and Rapise Users that are full of great ideas and information from our user community.
  • YouTube - This is going to be a big focus in the coming year. We already have some longer-form videos recorded from our webinars, however we're going to add lots more content, including short 1-2 minute onboarding videos for new users, longer tutorial videos for our existing customers and also some funny videos that illustrate how you can avoid mistakes in testing, development and project management.
  • Website - Our website is where you can learn about our products, read the news on our product releases, learn about awards we have received, new partnerships and of course read our blog which contains lots of useful information on testing, development and agile. We also have a large repository of whitepapers and background articles that can help you implement best practices with our products. For those technical folks, you can also subscribe to our website using RSS or ATOM newsreaders.
  • Support Site - When you need help with our products, this is the place to go. We have a lot of KB articles that our support team has put together over the years, our users can help you out in our support forums, and of course, our award winning support team is ready to help you out at our help desk.
  • Email - Look forward to our monthly email that contains a round-up of the most popular articles from our website and blog. Of course we'll also send you emails (if you subscribe) when new products are out, or a new version of your favorite tool. To get on our mailing list just send us an email using the Contact Us form, and voila you're added to the list.
  • Google+ - We're going to be using the big G+ to bring you a focus on Industry Thinking - whitepapers, background pieces and superb articles from our partners and local experts.
  • Instagram - We know that you're awesome, and we want to showcase how people are using our products to do amazing things around the world. From dairy farmers in Vermont to banks in Switzerland we have customers doing amazing things. We'll highlight some of their stories as well as bring you some inspiring ideas. Also look here for some contests and fun events.... 
  • Pinterest - Tips and Hacks is the name of the game, we'll be covering a new and novel idea every Wednesday on Pinterest, if you're looking for ideas on how to do something, come to Pinterest and be visually stimulated and educated all in one pin!

Coming Soon

If you're interested in the future (and who isn't!), here's some of the additional channels we're going to have available in the future:

  • Snapchat - We're still not sure about this one, but maybe we'll be providing behind-the-scenes access and special contests, let us know if you're on Snapchat and would be interested!

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