Meeting the Inflectra Community in Germany

March 30th, 2017 by inflectra

This week we had the pleasure of holding our inaugural user summits in several key cities Europe. We had events in London, Zürich, and Mannheim, with customers coming from across the UK, Switzerland, Germany, and the Czech Republic. We met lots of fantastic customers, had great conversations and got lots of valuable feedback on the development roadmaps for our products. In this article we will provide some ideas and information that came from the event in Mannheim, Germany.

Mannheim, Germany - March 23rd

The final leg of our 2017 European roadshow took us to the Rhine area of Germany at our partner PTA GmbH's office in Mannheim, Germany:

We had attendees come from across Germany and the Czech republic to attend the event, from Mannheim, Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuffgart, Cologne, and Prague. To thank our customers for supporting our event and for their long-term commitment to Inflectra and our ecosystem, we had a nice selection of Inflectra and PTA goodies to give away:

A particular favorite was the choice of Cadbury's Easter Eggs to celebrate the season (purchased during our earlier London event).

We would like to thank PTA for providing us with such a nice venue for the event. The room was spacious with great equipment for presenting information and recording information and feedback.

Company Strategy & Future Direction

To kick off the event, Adam Sandman from Inflectra welcomed the attendees and explained the current plans and initiatives happening at Inflectra, including the re-branding of the company and products, as well as our new training and certification initiative.

The attendees provided helpful feedback on our plans, including suggestions on how they could use the training materials and new videos internally to help train their users.

We then had a short break to have a light lunch provided by PTA:

SpiraTeam Case Study

After lunch, the PTA team presented a case study on using SpiraTeam to manage the development and testing of a large project that included both manual and automated testing:

The presentation included examples and screenshots of how they used SpiraTeam and RemoteLaunch, including a discussion of lessons learned and recommended best practices.

SpiraTeam Product Roadmap

Following on from the PTA case study, Inflectra demonstrated some of the new features and UI changes in the next version of SpiraTeam v5.2:

The feedback from the attendees on the changes as well as suggestions for future enhancements and UI updates was recorded and will be discussed with the product development team back in Washington, DC.

The final segment of the SpiraTeam showcase was a presentation of the proposed roadmap of new versions for 2017/2018 with the attendees providing their feedback on what was suggested as well as voting on the order of the next two releases and a collaborative prioritization of the the new features for 2018.

Rapise Scriptless Test-Automation Preview

After the SpiraTeam showcase we had a quick presentation on the new scriptless test automation features coming in the next version of Rapise, before having some time for open forum discussions and a group photograph.


All of the attendees said that they found the event very useful and would be interested in attending it again next year.

In fact, the two attendees from the Czech Republic were keen to have us visit Prague next year for our 2018 European Roadshow:

Presentations from the Event

The following presentations were made during the event, please feel free to clip any of the slides that interest you:

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