Preview of SpiraTest v5.2 - Testing Enhancements

April 24th, 2017 by inflectra

We're very excited about the next version of SpiraTest (also SpiraPlan and SpiraTeam) coming out on April 26th. It includes a set of enhancements to the test management functionality that were a favorite of our testers at the recent user summits in Europe. In this article, we'd like to highlight three of these popular changes: 

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Test Cases Auto-Flagged When Requirements Change

You have a list of requirements that have been approved, you have created your test plan to verify all the requirements work as expected. Now your client changes some of the requirements and you need to make sure that all of the test cases still accurately test the requirements. How do you find which ones need to be reviewed?

We have made the job much easier in SpiraTest v5.2 by introducing the Suspect flag:

The Suspect flag is automatically set on an approved test case when one of the requirements linking to it changes. This lets you quickly find all the test cases impacted by a specific requirement change. You can search and filter on this field and use it to generate reports. Finding suspect test cases is now a breeze.

Schedule Test Sets to Run Automatically After a Build

You have a set of regression tests in SpiraTest that you'd like to run automatically every time a build (from Jenkins, TeamCity or other CI server) is successful. These tests could be written using Rapise or another automated testing tool that SpiraTest integrates with. We have made this task much easier in SpiraTest v5.2 with the new Schedule on Build option for test sets. You simply set that flag to True and whenever a successful build is recorded against the release assigned to the test set, the Planned Date is automatically set to run immediately.

Now you don't need to manage separate schedules in Jenkins and SpiraTest, they are fully synchronized all the time.

Hand off a Pending Test Run to Someone Else

One of the most frequent requests that we've had over the years is the ability for a tester to be able to reassign their open test runs to another person (e.g. if they will be out of the office the next day) so that the other person can continue the testing for them:

The other scenario is when a person is out of the office and the test manager needs a way to quickly and easily reassign their open testing runs to someone else:

As you can see, with SpiraTest v5.2 these are now as simple as clicking the Reassign Button on the test runs... Happy Testing!

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