What's Coming Up This Summer at Inflectra

July 4th, 2017 by inflectra

Our development teams are going to be avoiding the sweltering summer heat here in Washington, DC by staying inside and cooking up some amazing new features for our products. In this blog, I thought it would be good to highlight some of the key new features coming to our product families this summer.

SpiraTest - Exploratory & Data Driven Testing

The next update to SpiraTest (v5.3) includes support for a new mode of testing, called Exploratory Testing mode. It will let you write and execute test cases at the same time, with the ability to create tasks for developers (if you are using SpiraTeam) to create/change functionality where the tester finds unexpected behavior:

In addition, we are adding support for test configurations that will let you create a data-set of possible testing configurations (e.g. 5 browsers, 4 operating systems, 10 logins = 200 possible combinations) and run your test sets through the different combinations with ease. This will be available for both manual and automated testing:

Rapise - Scriptless Maps and Loops

Now that we have support for scriptless test automation using the new Rapise Visual Language, the next version of Rapise includes support for common situations where you need to control the flow of the test script without needing to use a programming language, or need to do data-driven testing. In v5.2 of Rapise we will be including support for maps and loops:

KronoDesk - Organizations and Electronic Signatures

The next release of KronoDesk (2.1) is also well underway, with development of the new features almost complete. It includes a new feature for grouping support tickets under a common company or organization account. This much asked-for feature allows company managers to have visibility into their team's support tickets and reallocate tickets when someone leaves the organization or team.

In addition, KronoDesk 2.1 will include support for electronic / digital signatures, making it the first help desk tool to have this functionality out of the box, and cementing the Inflectra product suite as the only suite capable of handling FDA life science requirements out of the box.


Don't worry if you would like to know more, we shall be featuring each of these new features in the next couple of weeks...

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