Move over Excel, There's a New Importer in Town (for Excel 365 and Google Sheets)

November 9th, 2017 by inflectra

Data migration is a pain, we all know that. However when you want to migrate from an antiquated paper-based approach to using a modern requirements and test management system like SpiraTest or ALM platform such as SpiraTeam, you have no choice, but to migrate over some of your old data. Until now, we only had import tools based on Microsoft Office, running on Windows... but that changed this week.

The Move to the Cloud

In the past 5 years there has been a massive switch to cloud-based business applications, with people moving from the traditional installed MS-Office products such as Excel and Word to new web-based alternatives such as Google Sheets and Docs or Microsoft Excel 365 and Word 365.

This has meant that it is now possible to write a single plugin that can work on Windows, Mac and Linux for the first time.

In addition, there is no longer a Windows dominance of the desktop, so our customers have been looking for import options that don't rely on having a Windows PC available.

Well, after much development (and in the case of Microsoft, endless hoops to jump through to get it listed), we now have our Google Sheets and Excel 365 plugins listed in the appropriate marketplaces:

Google Sheets Logo v1.0 SpiraTeam Google Sheets Integration
This add-on let's you quickly create requirements in Google Sheets and send them to the SpiraTeam project of your choice.
Google SheetsExtension
Excel365 Logo v1.0 SpiraTeam Excel 365 Importer
This add-on let's you quickly create requirements in Excel365 and send them to the SpiraTeam project of your choice.
Google SheetsExtension


The Future

This is just the beginning. We are currently developing plugins for Google Docs and (if Microsoft streamlines its approval processes) maybe Word 365 as well as enhancing the Google Sheets plugin to handle more artifact types. Let us know if you have a preference in which platform we should focus on....


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