Changes to the Spira Product Family in 2018 - The New SpiraPlan

December 15th, 2017 by inflectra

We have some big news to share for 2018!

Based on extensive feedback and discussions with our customers during the user summits and consultations with our partners, we are making some changes to our product lineup next year. The big news is that we will be retiring our existing "SpiraPlan" feature set, and launching a new SpiraPlan edition of our Spira ALM platform that will cater to the needs of programs, portfolios, and enterprises.

How will the Product Lineup be Changing?

Our plan for next year is to focus our three "editions" of the Spira platform on three different customer needs:

1. SpiraTest

SpiraTest will remain the premier tool for managing the testing and quality assurance activities of a project team. When you have to manage a team of testers, run an outsourced QA team, provide testing services, manage a globally distributed test lab in real time, SpiraTest is the tool for you. It will continue to have requirements management, test case management and issue tracking in a single unified product with unparalleled traceability and reporting.




2. SpiraTeam

When you need to manage all aspects of a software project (planning, scoping, estimation, development, testing, management, DevOps, support and maintenance) you need our SpiraTeam application lifecycle management system. SpiraTeam includes all of the functionality included within SpiraTest, and in addition, includes the ability to manage your software development activities (source code, tasks, builds, revisions), plan and manage complex software projects, and provides rich collaboration tools to ensure your team is working in sync.



3. SpiraPlan

Our focus for 2018 is adding world-class support for the following key business needs:

  1. Enterprise resource management (I have a project starting next, who do I have with the right skills to start working on it)
  2. Program and portfolio management (which of my projects is going to miss its "go-live" date and which other projects will that impact)
  3. Risk management (which projects are likely to have an issue next year, and how do I mitigate it?)
  4. Financial Management (I need a way for my team to record their time so that I can invoice my clients for the work we've done)
  5. Planning and Budgeting (I need to forecast what my projects will cost next year and if I have limited funds, where should I cut back)
  6. Program Roadmapping (What will be the milestones for the next five years and how to we plan against them)

To that end, we will be retiring the existing SpiraPlan product (don't worry if you use SpiraPlan, we'll upgrade you to SpiraTeam at no cost) and adding these new features in a revamped SpiraPlan product that contains all of the functionality of SpiraTeam, plus these new program and enterprise planning features:


Where Can I Learn More?

We shall be having more information on the New SpiraPlan in the coming year, continue to check out our blog and events page for information on webinars and articles...

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