Quickly See Your SpiraPlan Things To Do On iOS 12 Using The Shortcuts App

October 3rd, 2018 by inflectra

With iOS 12 Apple introduced a new application called Shortcuts. This is an evolution of the excellent Workflow app and let's iPhone and iPad users create some amazingly cool and useful shortcuts. With the touch of a button your phone can do a whole load of things at once. Want to take a nap? Make a shortcut that will dim the lights, put on some soothing music, and put on Do Not Disturb for an hour. Want to be productive? Why not get a list of all your requirements, incidents, or tasks in SpiraPlan and choose, right from the Shortcuts app, what you want to work on.

We built a quick little Shortcut for the Shortcuts app that:

  1. Asks you which artifact you want look at (requirements, tasks, incidents)
  2. Displays every artifact of that type assigned to you, across all projects
  3. Let's you tap on any one of these artifacts, to view the details right in mobile Safari.

You can get the shortcut from this iCloud link. If you already have Shortcuts installed you can add the shortcut to the app.

The first time you use the shortcut you will be asked for information about your login information to connect to your SpiraTest, SpiraTeam, or SpiraPlan instance.

As long as your SpiraPlan is accessible over the internet or on the same network as your iOS device, the shortcut should work. Don't worry, the login information stays inside your copy of the shortcut and does not get shared anywhere.

If you want to dive in to making your own shortcuts, check out Apple's straightforward online guide. For instance, if you really want to check on your outstanding bugs every day, you can add it to a reminder. Or you can customize the shortcut however you want. :D

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