Agile + DevOps East 2022 is Complete!

November 30th, 2022 by inflectra

From November 6-11, 2022, Team Inflectra attended and sponsored Techwell's Agile + DevOps conference in Orlando, Florida! Some thoughts we have to share are:

  • Even grown ups still love games - Techwell did a fantastic job implementing fun ways to network and converse with others. Our team really enjoyed feeling like we have gone back to simpler times getting in on the activities while learning more about the agile and DevOps community.
  • Surround yourself with positivity - Despite a hurricane coming through, closing surrounding businesses early, and giving us dull weather - we still had a great experience. This is due to the positive attitudes and upbeat energy from the Inflectra team, Techwell, sponsors, and anyone whose presence contributed to this event.
  • It is not always about numbers - Even during the slower periods of the conference, the people who took time to stop by our booth asked meaningful questions and had engaging conversations with us. We left the conference feeling fulfilled with what we were able to share and the willingness to learn we felt from attendees.

Read more to see additional details on our experience.

Starting off the Conference:

As soon as the whole team arrived safely, we went straight into joining the festivities! Techwell never fails to start off their conferences on a playful and positive note; this time around for ADO East, a unique game of bingo helped us smoothly transition into networking with fellow attendees. In addition to the icebreaker games, there were complimentary beverages (including a resort exclusive beer) and hot hors d'oeuvres to make us feel welcomed and fueled to get to work after our flights. It was wonderful start to our experience getting to know folks from around the world before setting up and manning the booth.



The #TeamInflectra Booth:

The Inflectra team was thrilled to meet so many attendees whether they took a short drive to the resort or traveled on a plane from overseas. We enjoyed stamping passports for those participating in the raffle, teaching professionals about our products, and discovering the diverse background of people we were engaging in conversations with. The expo was well managed, and the appetizers and meals were delightful. The Inflectra booth was conveniently located close to all the delicious refreshments, including the happy hour bars and an ice cream cart brought out one evening.

We hoped you stopped by the Inflectra booth to grab some of our awesome swag, say hello to our lively team members, and listen to our energetic, upbeat music to keep the energy alive (while resisting the urge to dance). We are delighted to have met and converse with so many of you.


Plus a big congrats to the winner of our raffle prize - a brand new pair of Apple AirPods!



Presenting at Agile + DevOps East:

Inflectra is honored to have had two people from our team chosen to speak at ADO East. Both our CEO, Adam Sandman, and Enterprise Agile Evangelist, Sriram Rajagopalan, had well attended presentations. Attendees were engaged, asked insightful and meaningful questions, and provided positive feedback afterwards for both the online and virtual crowds. Thank you to those who attended!



Sponsoring the Leadership Summit and Reception:

The leadership summit reception was the perfect way to close out another busy day. For the third time in 2022, Inflectra sponsored a pre-summit reception at a Techwell event. This portion of the conference brought attendees to a central area to share ideas, topics and get excited for a productive and insightful Leadership Summit the following day. Team Inflectra especially enjoyed meeting more people while enjoying the delicious appetizers, learning about the professional history of fellow attendees, and being able to give a thank you announcement.



Nicole, Who?

Despite dealing with hurricane Nicole, and the very wet circumstances she caused us, our team still had a wonderful stay at the Caribe Royale Resort - home of ADO East 2022. We spent most of our time admiring the beautiful pool area, enjoying several on-property restaurants, and even taking a short off-property trip to Disney Springs to explore more of the surrounding area. Team Inflectra is fortunate to have such a great group of people who are able to bring light and have fun with anything thrown at us!


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