Recap: Agile Testing Days 2021 in Potsdam, Germany

November 24th, 2021 by inflectra

Like everyone around the world, we have all been missing face to face contact with our community, and luckily the organizers at Agile Testing Days were able to pull off a safe, fun and exciting event in November 2021, and #TeamInflectra was fortunate enough to be able to attend the 2021 event in-person in glorious Potsdam, Germany.

Inflectra at Agile Testing Days 2021

Last year, all of the agile and software testing events were cancelled, so we were excited this year to be a sponsor of Agile Testing Days in Potsdam, Germany, and due to the careful 2G safety precautions of the organizers - Trendig - we were able to attend the event in-person this year!

Inflectra Sponsors Agile Testing Days

Traveling Safely to Germany

The US Inflectra team consisting of Thea and Adam from our headquarters in Washington, DC flew to Berlin to spend a couple of days adjusting to the timezone and enjoying the sounds and sights of the legendary city. In addition, our European team member Farid made his way from his home office in Marseille, France to Berlin to meet up with the US team.

Adam Sandman and Thea Maisuradze arrive in Berlin

Setting Up The Inflectra Booth

After a fun (and maybe relaxing?) couple of days in Berlin, the combined US-EU Inflectra team made their way to Potsdam to setup the Inflectra booth, ready to welcome attendees and speakers.

Thea Maisuradze and Adam Sandman at the Inflectra Booth

With our Spira requirements and quality management platform running on our iPads and a selection of our legendary SWAG, #TeamInflectra was all systems go!

Meeting Agile Practitioners and Testers

After 18 months of virtual events, it was wonderful to speak with current and future customers face to face, learn about their challenges and discuss how Inflectra's SpiraPlan and Rapise solutions can assist them with their mission critical testing and product development needs.

Meeting Testers at the ATD Booth #1

Making friends at Agile Testing Days, including getting to meet our neighbors at Brightest, we're planning on partnering with them to align the Spira Academy with their certification program. Win Win!

Meeting our neighbors from the BeQualified Booth

One of the key unique features in our Spira platform is the integrated risk management and risk-based testing functionality. In this photo, Adam is explaining how our enterprise program management platform - SpiraPlan - can help them better manage their projects, reduce risk and create better test plans.

Meeting the Testers at the ATD Booth #2

It wasn't all work of course, we had fun meeting the speakers such as Ard Kramer and hearing their perspectives. In this picture you can see Farid from Inflectra sharing a joke about using Excel for test management with Ard.

Farid Khadir Meeting Ard Kramer a Speaker

We also had a chance to leave the booth and listed to inspiring speakers like Vera from The Quality Minds:

Watching Vera's Talk at ATD

The (In)Famous Costume & Dance Party

If you remember previous Agile Testing Days events, then you will know about the famous (or infamous) costume party which is a fixture at Agile Testing Days events. The theme was 1950s Rock & Roll, but the Inflectra Team missed the year part and decided to focus on the Rock aspect, with costumes from 80s metal-heads Guns & Roses and Def Leppard. Here you can see our very own Thea doing a great impression of Axl Rose. Of course, Pepe from Trendig rocked it as Elvis.

Dressing up for the ATD Costume Dance Party

After 3 days of fun and comradeship, it was time to bid farewell to Agile Testing Days and Unicornland....

Farid is Excited for ATD Next Year

Farid was not ready to leave, but reluctantly we made our way back to Washington, DC and Marseille.... until next year!


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