Agile Testing Days 2022 - They Did It Again

December 7th, 2022 by inflectra

Agile Testing Days 2022 in Potsdam was another success story for the agile and software tester communities. The three-day conference delivered, once again, what it promised: new and exciting talks, myriad community-building activities, excellent networking and vendor engagement opportunities, and food and drink in copious quantities. 

Conference Insight:

The major takeaways from the conference have been:

  • Play to your strength - Agile Testing Days 2022 in Potsdam has been around for over a dozen years and has created a cult-like following. ATD leadership invested a significant amount of time, energy, and creativity in developing a fan base that remains dedicated and enthusiastic about the conference all year round. ATD Potsdam’s success is proportionate to its community’s strength and may prove challenging and time-consuming to replicate in other locations. 
  • Community-first approach to conferencing - Agile Testing Days affirms the professionalism, ingenuity, and creativity of agile software testers. The conference does not shy away from giving centerstage to first-time speakers, allowing non-testing talks and personal stories that celebrate innovative leadership, better communication, empathy, and resilience. It goes out of its way to gamify learning, hosting sessions like Keynote eXtreme, Powerpoint Roulette, Pepe’s Bar Live, and Jack of all Trades - all geared toward improving attendees’ skills as speakers. And let’s not forget all the fun during the annual MIATPP Award Ceremony. (pictures are below)
  • Thoughtfulness toward sponsors pays off - ATD’s format is designed to bring the spotlight to all who go there, including sponsors. For instance, in 2022, sponsors were invited to pitch their products to the entire ATD community right before the opening keynote. This has been a great success, as many attendees visited the Inflectra booth after hearing about SpiraPlan and Rapise on the morning of the very first day. 


The Team Inflectra traveled to the conference from Washington, D.C., Marseille, FR, and Colorado Springs, CO. Having spent quality time bonding with the team members while exploring Berlin and German cultural and gastronomic delights, we traveled to Potsdam for the conference. 


The conference was well-attended with approx. 600 attendees and speakers from all over the globe. Our team stayed busy at the expo, demoing our products, fielding questions about SpiraPlan and Rapise capabilities, and discussing the trends in software buying. 


Among the most frequently asked questions were:

  • Spira’s ability to integrate with other leading tools on the market
  • Rapise’s automation capabilities, as many team Leads seem to prefer to move away from the so-called Heroic Efforts and embrace more predictable, scaleable, and maintainable automation frameworks
  • implementation assistance for companies with complex SDLCs
  • licensing, pricing, and data residency.

Inflectra’s products continue to be well-liked by both the expo visitors and speakers, as the latter group has approached the team with multiple collaboration ideas and opportunities. Inflectra’s partnership team was also busy forging new relationships with the leading European tech companies represented at ATD. 


The Fun

And last but not least, check out the photos from the annual MIATPP Award Ceremony. The 2022 theme was fairy tales.

(Ursula, Maleficent, Snowwhite, and the Wizard of Oz)


(an assortment of characters, including the queen of hearts)


See you at ATD 2023!

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