Inflectra in the News - April 2023 News Roundup

May 1st, 2023 by inflectra

Inflectra has been thriving and experiencing great productivity so far in the year 2023. As a team, we have been constantly exploring innovative ways to enhance our products, seeing how we can provide additional and improved support to our users, and have been reflecting on our recently held annual conference - InflectraCON. While also focusing on our daily activities, establishing new strategic alliances, and looking into ways we can upgrade our conference in upcoming years, our CEO has been involved in several public engagements.


We are eager to share the activities CEO Adam Sandman has participated in in April - continue reading for the full scoop.

Publications with Forbes Technology

16 Trending Tech Developments Retailers Need To Be Ready For - April 6, 2023

Navigating the retail industry isn’t easy, and recently, even large, household-name brands have struggled to adapt (and some have failed). To keep up with the competition in a global, digital marketplace, retailers may soon be exploring more tools to help them do everything from better leveraging social media marketing to powering last-mile delivery. Here, 16 members of Forbes Technology Council discuss tech trends they see impacting the retail industry within the next five years and offer tips to help retail businesses prepare. Read more.

18 Factors To Consider When Deciding About Data Democratization - April 11, 2023

Knowing both how data democratization can boost a business and how it could create risks or obstacles can help leaders make the right decision(s) for their company’s unique situation. Here, 18 members of Forbes Technology Council discuss potential benefits and cautionary considerations for companies thinking about implementing a data democratization strategy. Read more.

Reinventing The Automotive Industry Safely With Software - April 13, 2023

In this article, Adam describes how the automotive industry is going through one of its biggest transformations in history to meet the dual challenges of climate change and the need to support autonomous driving. Adam will also show you how the entire integrated network of suppliers and companies that make up the modern automobile industry has been disrupted from top to bottom and is being forced to become software companies and system integrations as much as manufacturers. Read more.

15 Significant Ways Quantum Computing Could Soon Impact Society - April 18, 2023

While many tech experts are excited and hopeful about the potential of quantum computing, they’re also aware that it could come with complications. Here, 15 members of Forbes Technology Council discuss specific ways (both exciting and concerning) the rise of quantum computing could soon impact our global society. Read more.

15 Ways The Rise Of 5G Is Changing Both Industries And Everyday Living - April 25, 2023

5G technology is poised to transform multiple industrial and consumer applications, opening up new capabilities (and new risks). Ushering in advancements in speed, latency, capacity and reliability, 5G is revolutionizing everything from marketing and manufacturing to medicine and the metaverse. In this article, 15 members of Forbes Technology Council discuss ways the rise of 5G is changing both business processes and everyday living. Read more.

17 Tech Experts Discuss What’s New And Next In Nanotech - April 26, 2023

We may soon be hearing much more about nanotechnology and its potential to have a major impact across a wide range of industrial and consumer-facing applications. While those of us who aren’t tech specialists may struggle to come to grips with the details, we can all marvel at the potential innovations nanotechnology may soon bring to our global society. Here, 17 members of Forbes Technology Council discuss some new and progressing developments in nanotechnology and how they may impact us all in the future. Read more.


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